Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Children Know

We have been at this so long that all of our children know about some of what we do. We had never become blatant, but for example, my natural state at home is widely assumed due to joking remarks and a request to telephone before they visit.

A few weeks ago MW rented a couple of suites in a nearby resort to spend time with her friends, you know, the food and movie debauchery that none of them would do at home. When I went with her to help with luggage, etc., the plan was for me to stay overnight and then come home.

Prior to my leaving I planned to put away the signaling device, and any toys that would be indicative of our kinky tendency in sex play and lifestyle. I was also planning to lock our bedroom, and to turn off my computer. Makes sense, right?

My activities just before leaving assumed a rather stressful state. Things came up with which to deal, so my list of important chores sort-of fell into a crack. I did go through the steps, however, to turn off my computer.

At the resort later in the day we talked with one of our sons, over the phone, who indicated that he would go to our house to do some of his laundry. His being a fledgling, I said OK, and thought no more of that. After I returned home the next day I took care of some chores, then realized that I neglected to execute my plan before leaving. Our bedroom was not locked; even worse, the door was left wide open. My signaling device was left on top of my desk next to the computer. Worse even, my computer was still waiting for me to choose between “terminate this process” or “continue”. It ran into a problem so it did not shut down. What that meant, was that anyone could have run through all of my stuff, the browsing history, etc. All password-protected files were still open, … you get the picture.

I figured that our son came and saw all. I did not want to telephone him since I was trying to minimize his attention to our kink. I did not feel particularly good about it, but what was done, was done, so I went on.

A couple of days later I received some information that our son may have not actually come to the house at all. That would mean that he did not see any of our private stuff (this time), and that my computer secrets remained so.

Yesterday he came to visit. He and I discussed some current events in the living room. He asked, “Where’s Momma?”

“She is in her bedroom. She has been working hard, and is now relaxing with her computer.”

After we finished our business, he said, “May I visit her?”

“Of course, she would like that,” I casually replied.

After he left for home, I went to MW’s room and said, “The boy has left.”

“Yes. He probably saw all the whipping devices that were by the side of my bed.” She implied that I should have warned her before the boy went into her room.

We have fewer secrets as we go. Of course, the boy is not really a prude. I have seen handcuffs and chains in his room years before.


subservient-husband said...

was she upset with your mistake?

Susan's Pet said...

She was, but not as much as she was when I let her favorite cat go ouside and the cat was gone for most of the day and night.

This time I think she let me get away with my mistake because she feels guilty about the bruises I still wear from her last loving demonstration of spanking.

Things even out over time.

Anonymous said...

well that was a narrow escape. you know children find it hard to believe their parents have sex and do kinky plays. likewise do parents it hard to believe their children have sex and do kinky plays.
the bond between children and parents by nature is special and we are glad it's that special way.
our children are still youngsters (10 minus) so we keep them out of our advantures.

love mike & eva xx