Monday, August 17, 2009

God, I love Women!

I need to be methodical about describing this feeling to be sure that nobody would be ignored. I know, there is a sexual component, and presenting it first speaks for itself. Yes, I covet, and desire women. For all I know, that may be my primary motivation for what follows. But I honestly claim a less ignoble motive than sex. There is nothing wrong with sex under the right circumstances, and it does tend to keep the human race viable. But for now sex is not the issue.

I think that all rational humans have a special place in their consciousness to store precious things. You know, like favorite mental trinkets from the past, views of nature’s grand demonstration of things way beyond our ken, memories of exact and limited nature, and our views of people whom we treasure.

I have a huge store of things I love. By far the most significant is for women. God, I love women! It is not simply a matter of orgasm, in case you think that my limited male mind is simply driven by that. More is to come, so to speak.

My first true love was for my mother. I know that she was not a saint, but if I had the power, I would have bestowed sainthood on her, with the exception of the obligation to live up to it. I just simply loved her, and would have given my life to or for her if needed. Alas, she left this life without my ability and participation to make a change. I feel guilty.

My second true love was, and is, for my sister. She is not quite as saintly as my mother, but close enough. She challenged me to become what I am today, and shares the responsibility for the result.

My third true love was, and is, for my wife. MW is the love of my life. I may bitch from time to time, but she is my prime directive. You, readers of this blog, are expected to correct me when I fail in expressing this repeatedly.

My fourth true love is for my daughter. MW and I produced this wonderful person, and she continues to give us joy and pain. She is beautiful in all ways. Everybody loves her.

My fifth love is for all the women whom our sons had brought into our family. MW and I remain, or try to remain un-judgmental. I love our daughter-in-laws. They are special women in our lives.

Then there is the rest of roughly half the population of earth: women. I would so much love to do justice to them. Not necessarily in a sexual manner, although that would be fun. It is more like making sure that they are given the opportunity to be whom and what they want to be. Even more so, that they are given some love, so that they can mature in a loving way themselves, and do what they are capable of doing.

God, I love women!


subservient-husband said...

great post. the honesty is obvious and your heart felt emotions clear. I agree with you albeit my examples are my own save the 50% outstanding. I am reading through "The Erskan Trilogy" which takes place in a woman run society and am starting to feel there are some pretty indisputable advantages to such an arrangement. The novels also are a expertly written account of a man's subservience being developed.

Susan's Pet said...

The writer of a novel can do anything. In a true sense of the word, he is god. But we must remember that the novel is fantasy.

Thank you for pointing out this potentially thrilling source, and I will try to acquire the books. I am all for women being in charge as long as it works.

subservient-husband said...

For me, the reason I asked for permission to have them bought, was the story suggested its development of the male submissive was the main plot. The anthropology of a female led society is a side plot for me. I am using the books to help me become submissive to my wife's authority. I am really surprisingly pleased with the caliber of the authorship. I have recently read several books by well known authors (ken follet, Patricia Cromwell) and I find Mr. McVey's style and skill to be at best seller caliber, IMHO.