Tuesday, August 18, 2009

She Is On A Roll

She is on a roll … I joined her in the bedroom last night. She was already lying on the bed, displaying much of her beauty. I really wanted to dive in and take my pleasure there and then. But you know me: I am polite and considerate. That would have been a typical horny man’s act, whereas, I am pussyfied in that respect. I wait to be invited after showing my admiration. In this case the admiration was evidenced by my instant erection. But I don’t want to brag.

I showered, and then returned to her to apply the daily lotion to her feet and legs. That is a lovely ritual that we share. In some ways it is therapeutic. If we had tension between us, this simple act of love, kindness, and devotion mitigates it. We may not resolve deep issues, but we come away with good feeling at least.

She was watching a TV program while I was doing these lovely things. I asked her to move into a more convenient position so that she can continue viewing the display while I enjoy myself by giving her a full body massage. We did.

I don’t remember at what point or how she decided, but she sent me to fetch one of her riding crops. After my returns she ordered me to get into a position on hands and knees on the bed, then she began to impart pain to my ass and thighs. I know, this sounds clinical, but it was nothing like that. It was very personal. Actually, she was determined to leave some marks that would persist for some days, and made sure that she was progressing in that respect. From my point of view, it simply hurt like hell. But what do I know?

After the treatment we continued with her full body massage. I really, truly wished that she would tell me to serve her orally. She did not. The evening was good in any case. I fetched some dessert for her. After her dessert she turned off the TV and the light, and left to do some private thing in another room, letting me to go to sleep. This morning she asked me about the marks that she had left. I assured her that the marks were there. Not that I could actually see my own ass, but my hand did. The marks were still three dimensional. What a woman!

By the way, the bruises on the inside of my thighs from the night before are still prevalent. They don't hurt, but look enticing. They remind me of MW's doing things to me.


subservient-husband said...

I am curious, how did the spanking get introduced into your relationship, was it her initiative alone or did you approach her in some way? I do not have masochistic behavior, but when my wife gets angry at me, I sometime wonder if she would want to follow through with some corporal punishment. I am reluctant to raise the issue because we are still early into our WLM and for awhile my topping from the bottom almost ended it. Anyway, my thought was occasionally her anger lead to a spanking with a hair brush, leather belt, or her hand as a cathartic for her.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Thanks for sharing this intimate account of a very beautiful and tender moment! Like you and your Lady Her Majesty and I share the body lotion ritual. It is a loving act of service that never fails to bring us closer together. And I love staring at my marks in the mirror after my Queen whips me! ;-)

Susan's Pet said...

I don't have the answer, and even if I did, it would not necessarily apply to another relationship. My wife was abused by her father in the name of "discipline", such as whipping with a leather belt. She knows how being whipped hurts physically.

As for me, I was whipped a few times as a child, but in each case I remember that I caused the reaction, so I blame only myself for bringing it on.

As an adult, I am sure that I have some unresolved issues which account for my feeling of wanting to be whipped by my wife. I think, mostly, she does it to satisfy my need. But I still have a feeling that she enjoys giving me some benign bruises knowing that she is not truly hurting me, and enjoying it at the same time.

I realize that I have not given you a satisfactory answer. Our FLR has evolved over the years, and at some time it may become extinct only because I am already doing all she wants, and she no longer needs to lead. As for the spanking and other things, it is like putting spices on food: you can do without it, but damn! it is good to have when you need it.

I am not a masochist, per se. I tell my wife that when she whips my ass it hurts like hell, and I don't like it. But when it's over ... Oh my! It feels good. I also love to see the bruises days after.