Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bumps, Dents, Bruises, and Welts

This all got started a few days ago by MW. I have already posted about it a couple of times (see Phase of the Moon and She is on a Roll). We are not really into D/S that deeply, although I could go way more. The thigh and cock and ball bruises were photographed a few days after the event, so they have faded in the mean time.

After she got started on this project things progressed. It was not simply a benign over the knee bare hands spank. She used a paddle, so it was likely to leave a mark:

The right side turned out more in the pink, so the next day she decided to fix that by applying the crop to the left side more this time.

It appears, however, that she was still not satisfied with the results, so the next evening she did some combination as you can see.
But a good Domina’s job is never done.

By this time the right cheek had lost most of its character, so, she is planning to work on it with a cane next. In the often-quoted and undying words of Robin Williams in Popeye, “I can’t remember ever having so much fun and still be conscious.”
Now, if any of you think that I am complaining, you are wrong. I am, as MW and I often say, remarkable. She is simply using her talent for marking and later re-marking me. With her being an artist, to her I am like a formerly blank canvas, with her work in progress. One of these days she may even give a different kind of renewable gift. However, I must not be greedy. Any attention from her to me is a gift already. Then if she enjoys it, I appreciate it even more.

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doll said...

MW has been good to you. It might be true to say that she has ensured that sitting has not been an activity for you to indulge in lately.