Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Owning And Training A Male Slave

The Book Or The Blog?

Which came first: the book or the blog?

All right people, I have sacrificed my valuable time and effort to critique the Owning and Training a Male Slave, both the book and the blog. Yes, it was hard, took a while, I suffered, etc. And I did not sport a hardon all the time. Well, maybe part of the time.

There are several things wrong there. First, do we really need a how-to book on owning and training a male slave? Judging by a lot of writing out there, everybody has an opinion on how to do it. So here is another.

The blog is presented by Ingrid Bellemare assumed to be the female lifestyle dominant, yet the writing is from her slave’s point of view. Comments to comments, on the other hand, are from her. What does this mean?

Her slave’s induction into non-consensual slavery was supposed to take place many years ago, yet the blog showed up only this year. This may be explained as support for her book. Yeah, that’s it.

Her slave’s recollection of exact words and action of many years ago (see Meeting Madame Ingrid – Part blah blah ..)

The motivation for involuntary slavery is plausible but unlikely. A man could walk away from it regardless of the assumed repercussions. The thing about being posted in gay web sites, etc., her blackmail thing is bunk.

The detail of servitude is just too damn tedious. It caters to one man’s mind. I challenge any would be female slave holder to go to the trouble of (1) Composing and writing the details, see Training, (2) Remembering the details of such explicit protocol in a real scenario, and (3) Staying with it for more than a day. Even if she had nothing else to do in the real world it would be challenge for a person with total recall. Why bother?

The detail of servitude, the stylized bowing, crawling, obeisance, punishment, schedule, etc., are not realistically supportable. After a few days they would be adjusted to something more workable, like, “When I speak to you, you pay attention,” or “When you disobey or are slow to respond, you will be …”

The pictures shown of this so-called slave are not of the man who was enslaved ten years ago (according to her he is now 55). Age takes its toll. These pictures are posed by a younger man who is in good shape, and probably works out regularly. In the book she again talks of his length of service, but there it had been fifteen years, not ten. So is he now 60?

He or she is changing the focus now to male chastity device to go with the current fad. This is not a female preoccupation regardless of the relationship. The chastity part was not mentioned as being required. It was only later, and not to any detail. But now it is.

The book does not go into the financial details of the transition to slavery, but the blog does at Part Four. I give her credit for covering this issue. If a man has nothing in life, no plan for the future, and nothing to lose, this sounds viable. However, as far as a contract goes, it is very simple-minded, just like the schmuck who would go with it: “Give me all you have and I will take care of you.” Right! You are out on your ass as soon as you can't serve. Forget your retirement fund. It never existed.

I could go on with the obvious holes in this so-called relationship, but I don’t really want to ruin it for her. This site was created to support the sale of a book of limited use. If it works, good for her. Or him.

About the book

The person who writes the book may have based the premise on his encounter with a professional domina. If the domina is or was real, and is portrayed more or less as she was, she hates men.

I rather think that the writer has changed the name, the venue, and the characters to fit his view of what he would like either as fantasy or wished-for reality.

In the introduction to the book she says,

“The book is for dominant Females only. It is not for the eyes of males and Mistresses are advised not to let their slaves see any part of it.”

Right. As if that will keep would-be male slaves from reading this. After all, I bought the thing.

I don’t object to the premise of the book: non-consensual male slavery. If a male wants to go with it, fine. If the female is willing to handle the nasty details, fine. Just don’t try to present fantasy as reality. It gives fantasy a bad reputation.

She later says,

“If people don't understand this behaviour and think I hate the male creature, they would be wrong. Women who are true believers in Female Domination and Female Supremacy must love the male creature or we would not train them to be what we want them to be. We love them and we rule them and we make them serve like the inferior creatures they are.”

Aside from the careless grammar, the rambling statement is less than convincing about loving “these inferior creatures”. Kind of like training an ass to pull a cart. Nothing but pure love.

About the favorite submissive male fantasy of orgasm denial she says,

"The slave must be allowed no access to his cock, permitted no masturbation or orgasm and, if possible, not even be allowed to obtain erection. He must learn that as a subservient he has no rights to any sexual pleasures and exists to provide sexual leasures for his Mistress. She can then further encourage her slave by offering say one orgasm per month but only if no more than a certain number of penalty points have been accrued by the slave in his general day to day servitude. There are no half measures where this is concerned so the woman who is serious about owning a real male slave should not shy away from total orgasm denial.”

Is this a very specific male fantasy? Or is it what a very strict male slave owner is willing to give her slave?

Then there is the matter of the slave wearing a butt plug. I am not fascinated with the idea, but I see that in most writings (I hesitate to call it literature) it is a man’s fantasy rather than a dominant woman’s desire to put a plug in a man’s butt and maintain it. Again, the question is, "Why whould she do it?" To please her non-consensual slave?

She talks about humiliation, and lists: verbal abuse, objectification, use as furniture, trampling, face slapping, face sitting, enemas, strap-on, water sports, cuckolding, crossdressing, sissification. A slave who has gone through all of what she presented already would not be humiliated by any of that. What I see here is the typical shopping list for the average submissive male who frequents pro dommes. I assume that many of these "humiliation scenarios" would not be offered by a lifestyle slave owner like Ingrid. It would be too much trouble just for the satisfaction of her non-consensual slave.

Then she offers “Orgasm and Milking.” Here we go again. Why would she offer that? Just put the slave in chastity and be done with it. Forever.

I will not go into the book any deeper. If you want it, pay this person the cost and read it. The book is not bad as far as a fantasy instruction manual goes.

A Bit of History

A few months ago I felt regretful about being instrumental in the demise of a former blog that I discussed at Is This Fake? That blog was entertaining while it lasted. This one may be based on some semblance of reality, so I hope that she does not go away in a huff after people find out that some of them have been duped and left nasty comments. It is a bit too late for her to change the blog in an attempt to plug the holes (well, maybe the buttholes), but we will wait and see.


mistressusan said...

Obviously, even without reading it, this 'book' was written for pleasure, and profit. If by a female, then it is for profit, gained from men willing to be entertained by the fantasies. If written by a man, then it certainly scratched an itch, and why not sell the proceeds for a few shekels?

Anonymous said...

Most of those items can be used by the female (if that is her kink) to put the male in his place, stimulate him with out release, and used for a bit of humiliation at the same time. My wife for example loves to do prostrate massage and milking on me. She loves the submissive position, my ass in the air, chest down, she gets me extremely stimulated with out release, and any cum that leaks out (she has a special dish) she gets a thrill having me consume afterwords. At this point i am totally hers and will do anything for her, suffer anything, of which She takes full advantage.