Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fried Zucchini Concluded

The Friday arrived when we were planning to do some business in town. The plan was open, but most definitely included fried zucchini. I had our vehicle in the driveway ready to go, after which I walked into the bedroom to take a shower. MW was already dressed and ready. I noticed a little device laid out on the bed I did not say anything, figuring that she just left it there while she was putting away some clutter.

Yeah, right. As soon as she was aware of me, she said, “Lean over the bed, pet. I need to re-qualify with this thing. We have not used it in a while.”

I knew better than to argue, so I leaned over the bed exposing my back to her.

This little device (I don’t know what in specific I should call it) is not big. But as far as small flagellators go, it packs quite a wallop. The handle is 15 inches long. I don't think that the device is meant to be wielded in a vigorous manner. Those metal beads have weight, and the string of them wraps around any curve. When they fall, and are stopped by the target, (my butt), I can imagine what shotgun pellets would feel at fifty feet. But she is very kind, and was just playing.

While doing her thing on my butt she commented on the instant welts and discoloration. I am sure that she was enjoying it more than I. After all, she had a better view of the results, and all I had was the pain. After a few whacks she stopped to examine the damage. Apparently satisfied, she released me to my shower.

I drove us to our destination and waited in our comfortable vehicle for the next two hours while she conducted her business. I had a good book to read, and interesting people to watch, so my time was not unpleasant. After she was done, we did some more errands, and headed for the restaurant. We got a table right away. She, as usual, ordered the meal. When the waitress, a Big Beautiful Woman, asked what I would have for a drink, I answered, “Water.” The BBW was puzzled only a second. Then as she looked at MW, she commented, "Oh, the look" She left with a broad smile.

After the waitress left, MW admonished me for not ordering a Martini or at least some wine. This time I had my ass covered citing her earlier decision (see Fried Zucchini ) that I will not have wine this time.

She must have realized how good a boy I have been lately. After having received our salads, she insisted that I order the wine anyway. Who am I to argue with MW? I ordered a Shiraz. The fried zucchini took a while, but when it arrived, it was as perfect as we expected it.

The dinner was great as usual. The Shiraz was good. We shared a steak and shrimp meal with a lot of good side dishes. We over-ate a bit, but were happy with the whole episode.
When dinner was over the sky was dark, which was what MW wanted. After we entered the residential section off the expressway we enjoyed the colorful Christmas lights displayed on most houses for miles. I think that MW was happy with my performance, at least this time.


Milliscent said...

Driving around looking at Christmas lights. A perfect way to spend an evening!

Urmel said...

Very nice post. Reads like an authentic snapshot from your life. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi HERS forever,

what a great submissive pet-story, we loved it.

Merry Xmas and A Happy new Year, love mike & eva xx

Susan's Pet said...

Dear People,

All this is joyful indeed, but it is because we can share it with someone we love. I am thankful.