Friday, December 19, 2008

Fried Zucchini

We have two favorite restaurants that are part of a chain. We usually visit one or the other in nearby cities depending on convenience. The food, service, and the atmosphere are always good. Given that the prices are also good, we stay with these two restaurants much of the time, unless we are traveling.

One item on the menu is an appetizer, “fried zucchini”. The sexy vegetable is sliced in round pieces, dipped in batter, and fried in oil. The pieces don’t soak up much oil, so other than the imparted flavor to the batter coating the inside is just barely cooked. We dip it in their specialty cucumber sauce and enjoy it much. If MW does not have fried zucchini prior to her meal, she is not happy. If she is not happy, nobody is happy.

A few days ago we were running some errands in town. As we were heading home she alluded to her favorite appetizer. I made the mistake of pointing out to her our cash flow problem. In what I call typical female fashion, she told me in not so many words that I am an insensitive bore, and I should forget about her zucchini. I don’t think she meant only the fried vegetable. So we went home without stopping for the meal.

Meanwhile we had business to attend in town planned for Friday. I suggested that on the way home we have dinner there. She did not complain. We will see.

When I proposed posting Owning And Training A Male Slave She said in an email, “How much did you waste on this? Would some fried zucchini have cost less?”

I sort of forgot to answer her email. After having posted the above, she sent me another email in which she said, “I have asked you how much this book cost. You have not answered. … You get no wine at the restaurant on Friday.”

I did respond this time, “$19.98.”

If that is all the punishment I am to receive I can’t complain. Of course, she can and will do (or not do) other things, but those will happen regardless of the restaurant situation.

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