Sunday, December 14, 2008

Involuntary Male Slavery

Where Fantasy Is [trying to run into] Reality

I have run into an interesting discussion at Involuntary Male Slavery It deals with an “e-book” by some person called Ingrid Bellemare. Every reader on this blog had an opinion. I decided to blow a few bucks on the potential thrill of exploring another person’s idea of male slavery. I read the book with the prurient interest that I usually have for a male serving a female. I am just wired that way. But I also have a mind, which is what this person who is writing the book assumes that I don’t have.

After seeing the responses to the blog I mentioned above, I started to read the book the second time. It was difficult because I have objections to almost everything this person states. Her assumptions and feelings are given as facts without any data to support. The pathetic blackmail scenario she proposes would fall apart in a second if the so-called slave decided to go with “The hell with it, I’m outta’ here!” The sparse “examples” she shows of her real acquaintances who are into this idea contradict themselves.

The person writing this book is not illiterate. I don’t condemn her for trying to make a living by selling fantasy. The scenario is barely plausible, but interesting to ponder. As for the legitimacy of her premise, that is fantasy. If she is female, and really feels that way, good for her. If she is male, all things said in the book follow as a totally impractical male fantasy. Good for him. And for those of us who bought the book, enjoy. Just don’t try to make this real.


All For Her said...

Ingrid has actually commented on my blog several times. It was pretty surprised when I found out what she was "into". I'd say I'm about as far from "Male Slavery" as you can get and still be involved in power exchange.

But, her comments were always supportive, if I remember correctly. I don't recall any of them being over the top.

All For Her said...

The "about" section says it's written by a 41 year old husband.

Susan's Pet said...

You are welcome to believe what you wish. The blog is convoluted. It loops back on itself, and is inconsistent. See my upcoming post.

Susan's Pet said...

I have removed my earlier comment to the comment "All For Her" said, because I indadvertently used the wrong link to the blog which is in question. I repost it below with the correct link. I apologize for the mistake that I made.

I am puzzled by this blog ( It is supposedly posted by the woman, but it is presented from "her slave's" perspective. So who is posting it? Are there two people in reality, or two people in the mind of one? I tend to think that it is one male with a fertile imanination.