Monday, December 8, 2008

A Sunday Morning

I usually wear the signaling device in the morning. It allows MW to fetch me when she awakes after I had been up for hours usually. This morning was not different. She slept late for a number of reasons. She had worked hard the last two days. In addition, we had the family for a fantastic meal that she prepared for last evening, and we went to sleep late.

I felt the twinge beneath my balls, and knew that she was awake. The device is running out of juice, otherwise it would have been more of an awakening jolt. I quickly tippy-toed to the bedroom to see a beautiful ass waiting to be kissed. I did not waste any time making sure that it did. After that I went to the kitchen to make our morning coffee.

She chose to remain in bed for coffee. I opened the blinds on the south wall to allow the rising sun to warm us. There were clouds, so I turned on a couple of portable heaters to help the sun. After fetching the coffee I joined her. We talked as usual. Toward the end of my brew I mentioned a well-needed skin therapy. She replied that it was on her mind also. This is something that we cannot do when we watch the sunrise sitting in the living room. After dispatching the cups she shed her nightgown and lay on her side facing me.

You have to be a female connoisseur to appreciate the view. I happened to be one. The little guy immediately took attention as we joined skin to skin. I felt her all over, and she commented, “I expect a lot more of that this evening.” My knowing where that usually leads, I replied, “I am very much looking forward to it.”

She then added, “Even if I don’t insist, you do. You must be assertive.” That really got the little guy’s attention. One thing led to another, and I was on top with her spreading a pair of voluptuous thighs for me. I paused with a comment, “We can’t do this with the ring on.” I was referring to the wedding ring that the little guy wears. She said, “Well then, we should forget about this.”

I ignored her comment knowing that she was teasing. I had to tug a lot to get the ring off as it is tight even when the little guy is actually little, which he was not in this case.

We joined and I felt her with my all, slowly, lovingly, with tremendous pleasure. She played with my ON/OFF buttons, my hard little nibs that she knows will give me pleasurable pain. We stayed with that for a while until she said, “We will continue this later.” I withdrew and we lay side by side. I could not get enough of her loving charms. My hand was all over her lovely parts that it could reach.

We have a plan for this evening. If I succeed, she will have her pleasure as long and as much as she can take. It will be my pleasure to give her this.


All For Her said...

That sounds so nice...
Even if I could replicate the sun coming in, etc. (which I can't, no sunlight reaches our bedroom) we'd have two small children jumping up and down on the bed and yelling.

Susan's Pet said...

What you are saying brings up dear memories for us. Our children did that to us (and for us), and we never begrudge it. As much as I value my privacy now, I still wish for those time.

As for the sun entering the room, maybe some day you can do what we did. I designed our house, and built much of it just for these perks. We have a fantastic view of a world famous mountain range only half a mile away. We are not rich in monetary terms, but we are blessed in our joy of where we live. I wish you the best.