Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is This Fake?

I must admit that having read the blog gave me some juicy thoughts. I am not realistically into such extremes except in my fantasy. I don’t want to bias your thinking about the blog’s veracity, so I will not say more about it.

I did, however, insert a poll to get your opinion. It is set up to run about ten days, but I might extend it or re-instantiate it later. I may also have something to say about my conclusion of it.

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mistressusan said...

I visited this woman’s blog, and I do not like her a bit. She is a sick sadist, and has more on her mind than her own sexual gratification. Her husband as well has problems that will not get fixed by this extreme masochism. I like to think he deserves a loving Mistress who while dominating him and expecting his service and devotion, has some respect for him as a human being. In the end it seems that a vital component has been left out of this fantasy. Love. If this is some guy's sexual fantasy, then "go for it". Anything is possible in a fantasy :)

originalsub said...

It appears you’ve ruined it for everybody ;) She’s taken her blog private. Perhaps we might say good riddance. Before her reaction I was inclined to agree it is fantasy but now I donno. I can attest to a certain kind of blinding self-absorption that can lead some women to treat men very badly and the desperate love that can drive a man to accept it.

Susan's Pet said...


I doubt that I have "ruined it for everybody." Those of you with relatively unscathed reputation may still be granted access to that site. Even I could come up with a different ID and do the same. I assure you that being instrumental of her demise as a public figure was not my intention.

The author of that blog gave the following reason for going private: “Because of the unwanted comments I am getting (I moderate them).” I have not made any comments on her blog, so I would guess it was the cumulative effect of others’ that set her off. She also said, “I have even read comments about this blog on other blogs!” I understand that one can take offense at purposefully damaging remarks made in an open forum. I have not seen all these comments, so I can’t attest to their existence. Any comments made on my blog were intellectual analyses that can be applied to any provocative writing.

However, now that the “cat’s no longer out of the bag” further analysis will depend on my memory of what I read there. In the last post a couple of days ago one of her readers asked how she punishes her husband. She described the method as, suspending him from above, standing with his legs forced apart, and her kicking him in the balls any number of times. If he resist, he is further punished.

If this S/M relationship is real, then it is dangerous and out of control. My comment is not judgmental. Ask anyone with knowledge in medicine to concur. On the other hand, the scenario does not exactly fit reality on a matter of some mechanical details. According to her, the husband was in some kind of chastity device continually. The device was some sturdy metallic contraption that totally defeated his attempt at even seeing his private parts. Should we assume that when she “kicked him in the balls repeatedly” she was actually kicking this device that covered his cock and balls? Or was she magnanimous enough to first remove the device, allow him to see what she was about to devastate, and then do the job? I think that this fantasy was not quite well described and raises questions.

I don’t feel good about anyone being hurt by our comments. We need to keep in mind, however, that anything we post on this open forum is an invitation to be read and critiqued by our peers. It may happen yet, but I have not seen anything to suggest that any blogger was told to ”just shut up” because we don’t like what he/she is saying. I have run across blogs whose contents I disliked. I decided not to read them any further, and left without a comment.

In her place I would have preferred to challenge all of us by making her postings more real, whether the blog is describing the truth or fiction. It would have been an interesting and welcome intellectual game. It is not too late for her to pick up her marbles and rejoin the game.

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with your Mistress on this one. I don't like her. I also think that it's a lot easier to block out any readers who don't agree with what you might be doing then to answer their questions. She's taking the easy way out, that's all. Not surprising considering the 'man' she's chosen and her outlook regarding men.

The sitter.

Susan's Pet said...


I happen to agree with my Mistress also, but I did not want to voice my opinion, on any of my postings. I still don't for a number of reasons. The blog in question is controversial, and going away does not resolve any issues. However, its author has the right to do whatever she/he decides.

Tom Allen said...

The blogospere is an odd place, especially in the sexual realm. Over the last couple of years I have seen several blogs purportedly written as real life tales that simply do not ring true. Lack of continuity, gaps in timing, and stories that are written like they were pulled from all turned me off. I'm happy to read fiction, of course. I'm just not happy to be part of someone's personal plea for attention.

In fact, a few months ago I discovered a blog who's author claimed to be living a FLR lifestyle, but who actually was taking stories from several well-known erotic fiction sites and re-working them slightly. In fact, I have seen my own fiction (written elsewhere) taken and re-written (and not very well, which is what hurts the most), although not on a blog.

I suspect that some men feel the need to post such fiction because it will drive dozens, nay, hundreds of wanna-be submissive men to read their blog and drive up the numbers, thereby making them feel more important.

Susan's Pet said...


There are many reasons why one creates and maintains a blog. It can be sad if few people visit it when one would like it to be popular. One cannot guess what motif, style, or substance will accomplish one's aim. Then it happens, and it is gratifying.

Notoriety is one thing that will bolster ratings, just like in the media and among so-called celebrities. I understand why they don't mind doing outrageous things to get attention. With respect to blogs, reality is much more difficult to manipulate than fiction. If one is in mundane reality, I can see the temptation of fiction to jazz it up.

About your words, "... I have seen my own fiction (written elsewhere) taken and re-written...", it is theft, but at least you can say that the thief must have liked it enough to use it. I am sure that this person had limited intellect which is why he resorted to theft. Whereas, you can always come up with more original thought. Hang in there!

Tom Allen said...

If one is in mundane reality, I can see the temptation of fiction to jazz it up.

Sure, but as you can see by the number of blogs in which the authors do discuss real life, they can be even more engaging because the unpredictability of human nature makes for an infinitely wider canvas.

As for the misappropriated fiction, when I happened to stumble across it, I tried contacting the author, and ended up going through the site owner to took it down. Yes, he may have had limited intellect, but all he had to do was ask if he could build on my story. Instead, he ended up with a bad version, and nowhere to post it.