Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Woman Wants To Dominate: Part Five


One aspect that I did not cover here is a courtship in which the woman is already dominant, and she finds a man who is certainly willing to submit to her. The courtship is followed by a long-term relationship and possibly marriage with full commitment to FLR. She is more likely to be interested in her pleasure and less in his or how he feels about the approach she is taking. This idea is another favorite male fantasy, which has shown up often in blogs as fiction or in some cases claiming to be real. Personally I like the idea, and wish the participants a happy FLR life.

What Is Out There?

There are several female bloggers of the dominant nature out there, and I follow some. All offer some fascination to me, otherwise I would not bother. There is, however, a different class of blogs. Not better or worse than the others, just on a different theme.

I have read and am now re-reading the blog of Katherine West. She is a fairly good writer, has an imagination, and as far as I know, a legitimate dominant female in marriage. She is one of the very few on the Web who presents her life of dominance to that detail, and from her point of view. She has been around since 2005. She stopped posting for a while starting in May 2007, then resumed in November. In her subsequent posts she no longer mentions her marriage, and writes admitted fiction. The subject matter is stylized, and somewhat contradicts her earlier philosophy of “the dominant woman will never be dominated by a man,” which suggests that someone else is writing the posts now. Whether or not she is writing these new postings, I don’t know. However, she has not posted anything real after the resumption of writing. As such, this could be just a bit of diversion in an FLR, which is no longer visible to the reader. You can form your own conclusion about her blogs. The early postings in 2005 are the most sensuous and daring. You might not agree with it, but it is every submissive man’s dream.

There is another site by Mistress Kathy. Since Katherine West stopped posting a while ago, when I ran across Mistress Kathy’s blog, at first I thought that they are the same person.

Mistress Kathy’s marriage, how she started the FLR, and how it matured is very well documented by her. I don’t agree with her 100 percent, but in general she is very well organized, consistent, loving, and wise. Her husband is lucky to be allowed to serve her.

In a way both women are believable. Kathy sounds more real, but Katherine is more daring. I hope that they are both legitimate and real. They would authenticate the males’ desires to be led by a strong woman by knowing that strong women are out there.

There are two nascent blogs by powerful and/or dominant women of which I became aware recently. Both look interesting, but it is too early to tell whether the owner will stay with it: His Keeper and Temple of Trin. Their blogs are from the single dominant woman’s point of view.

I have asked you before in How Did Your FLR Begin? to share with us. It would be especially instructive and interesting if it was started by the woman in your relationship. It would also be great to hear from single dominant women on this subject.

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