Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Day After The Anniversary

I am listening to the howling of the wind through gaps in the windows. This is a late autumn night.

Today was a perfectly lovely day. The hot summer has waned. First day of “no need for air conditioning.” Breeze blowing through the open doors and windows keeping temperatures at a most pleasant point. The afternoon went with quiet enjoyment for both of us. I did some work outside with the dogs helping me. I will not show pictures because these mutts are too well known, and I want to maintain our privacy. But these sweet big bumbling mutts were all over me, and I loved it. We had a free-for-all one after the other. I was licked in places that I did not know I had. Fangs were flashed before my eyes and behind my butt. It was not sexual, but it was all love. These guys (one male and one female) kind of like me. As for the rest of you, just don’t jump over the fence. Actually don’t even stick your hand through the fence. These pups are very territorial, are big, and they do bite.

MW has asked me to stay out of her space while she would attend to some personal meditative therapy. I was glad to oblige. During this time I attended to some writing while listening to some of my favorite music. Later, in the evening, we ate some of the anniversary dinner leftovers and loved it. I felt guilty when she said that she would load the dishwasher, and that I had no chores for the evening.

Well, that was not quite all. At some point I went to see what she was doing. It turns out that I missed drying her after her shower. Pity. But I asked her to be patient while I “batten down the hatches,” so to speak. After my return I did the daily leg and foot massage that we both love. By the way, it is her legs and feet that get massaged.

Afterward we began to watch one of the Jane Austen classics on a DVD. We love the wondrously green British countryside and the beautiful people who portray the characters in Austen’s novel. I guess the beautiful women in the movie prompted me to suggest that MW and I share some skin. She thought it to be a good idea, and we did. There went another half hour with fond memories. You may not know this, but cuddling with MW is a thrill. She has those wonderful parts that my hands explore as we lie side by side. My face can be nested in the crook of her neck. Or it can be between her generous breasts. Or anywhere.

Later, as we reclined side by side, she began to fondle my bejeweled member decorated by a wedding ring and a Prince Albert ring (see Mistress Wife is away). I was all for it, and it took a few seconds to have the little guy respond to the touch. From then on, for the next hour and a half, I was gasping, groaning, and writhing to support the little guy’s enjoyment. He does take over that way. MW, of course, went along with it, with occasional use of my on/off buttons. Aside from the pleasure she imparted plenty of pain by pinching and squeezing. She knew just what not to do to keep me from blowing it all over us.

At some point she decided that I was receiving too much pleasure in spite of the mistreatment of my private parts. She told me to present my butt unimpeded. I turned over and lay face down as instructed. For the next fifteen or so minutes she used a flail and a paddle (see the little darlings). I suffered and at the same time I loved her for doing this. When she was done, she sent me away to write about it, so here I am doing it.

On the way to my study I fondled my sore butt. Have you ever fondled a tire on your truck? If you have not, try it. That is what the skin on my butt felt. She is too good for me. I should serve her more. I am listening to Alan Jackson’s “I’ll Go on Loving You” as I write. Good music.

MW just now walked into my study to see what I was doing. She looked, and it appears that she was satisfied with what she saw on the monitor of my computer. She spread some love juice over my lips, and a finger or two between them. I guess she also liked the evening so far.

The wind makes ghostly sounds through the house. It is sounding like a real Halloween night. I hear the wind beating on the house all around me. The night should be cool. A warm wife in bed will be wonderful. Oh, and then there will be some cats in the bed too. Her comment to this was, "There is nothing like a horny Pet with a warm ass in bed too." Don't you just love her?


doll said...

It sounds like you were in heaven.

Susan's Pet said...

It was one of those rare days when everything was perfect.