Monday, October 6, 2008

A Woman Wants To Dominate: Part Four

A More Realistic Scenario

There is a way that an FLR can be assumed by a vanilla couple, and having a chance to become real on the long run. Skip the BS about having caught the man in infidelity, too much masturbation, being a wastrel, being a total slob, etc., and then imprisoning him and his private parts from then on. Those are just fun male fantasies regardless of who is writing them.

The woman can still initiate the FLR that springs from vanilla. She still may have legitimate reasons to change her relationship to something that she perceives as better. It may begin with setting some rules, or may not. It could be stealth domination, but not in the way I presented it above. She could slowly introduce him to the joy of serving her just for the sake of serving a wonderful woman. If he is bent that way he will not fight too much. If she spreads some honey on the trap he will likely stick to it and enjoy it. She could even make him believe that the whole thing was his idea, instead of hers.

To what degree the FLR will go may never be determined in advance. It may be on and off or stop completely, although both partners will have learned in the process. It can be a positive change from vanilla because both bought into it. The woman did not have to be convinced of its attraction, since it was she who advocated it. She is more likely ready to assume the 24/7 dominant role in this new relationship.

The man did not have to be forced, coerced, or blackmailed. He was naturally ready to become her servant. Nobody was subverted by stealth. If you add to this an already committed and loving relationship prior to the assumption of FLR, you have a potentially high chance of success on the long run.


All For Her said...

Is part 5 the scenario where one day the husband realises that he is wife-led even while his wife is unaware of it?
It has to have happened to other guys out there...

Susan's Pet said...

In a way, yes.