Friday, October 3, 2008

A Woman Wants To Dominate: Part Three

Where Am I Going With This?

OK, I am just messing around. What I presented above is as bizarre as the actions taken by the male FLR wannabes and their unreasonable expectations. As much as I admire the accomplishments of female dominants (see my list of book titles in the sidebar) I respectfully submit that their doctrine works only when it works. It cannot be a general prescription for FLR or MLR (male led relationship) for that matter. Call me jaded, call me inflexible, or call me anything. After all that, I still don’t know how an FLR would get started by a woman, especially when the man in the relationship is not willing at least initially.

I am not saying that it cannot or will not happen. It does in rare cases. It happens when it is natural, and not when the man does the stealth or the overt application of servitude and the woman has other ideas. In case some of you want to argue this point, I want to present a bit of challenge. Go ahead and argue with me. It will be fun. But you must be able to define your terms. By this I mean, we must agree on definitions. For example, I maintain that an FLR that is assumed, as opposed to forced, is a game. By assumed I mean, shifting from vanilla or MLR to FLR. It was not a “given” at the beginning of the relationship, but something that people accept as a mutual participation at some point in a relationship. When a vanilla couple agrees to become FLR, the new relationship is assumed. Because there is no physical, legal, or economical barrier to back out of it, this new relationship is equivalent to a game played by willing players. It will appear real, and may feel real to participants especially when the female whips the male’s ass, but all that is with explicit approval of the participants.

I like the idea, I support it, but it is still a game. Even when the man goes to a professional dominatress and pays her for the service, it is a game. The only time and place where it would be real is if the man has no realistic way to avoid following her rules. Something like a “do or die” situation. That is not a game. The rest of it is a game. It is a potentially fun game that may last a lifetime, nevertheless, it is a game.


miss aj said...

You are forgetting about love. We will do incredible things to retain the love of our partner.

Susan's Pet said...

And indeed we do!

Rosie said...

Interesting how you call this a game. It struck me that it is so, but then the element of love was mentioned. What may be done for love.