Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Gift From Mistress Wife

We have not done much sexually for the last few weeks, as I indicated earlier. The night before last MW “strongly suggested” that I shave my face and private parts “or else.” I knew what the “or else” meant, so yesterday afternoon after my work was finished I did shave all the goodies, and reported to her. She graciously accepted my efforts and approved the results.

During the morning coffee I mentioned to her that “sharing skin” would be nice. She remembered. Late in the evening as we watched some movies on DVDs while reclining in bed she pulled me to her. We lay face to face while I did that wonderful thing with my hand on her back and other parts. Apparently my hair tickled her face, so she suggested that I move south just a bit. I certainly did not need a second command to do so. My face embedded between her voluptuous breasts I was on the verge of eruption given my state of long-term denial.

I said nothing, but began to move further south in a somewhat stealthy mode. I don’t think that I was fooling her, but she did not object. After a while I arrived near my objective, and did some tentative probes with my tongue. My interpretation of her response was apparently correct, for she allowed it to enter between those provocatively fragrant lips. I took a bold move and turned into a 69 position for best advantage to give her maximum pleasure.

After some big Os on her part I backed off. She was done.

Later on I pointed out with amazement, “You have actually let me get away with that!”

She answered, “You seduced me.”

I could have just kissed her all over for that remark. That was just so-sweet!

The morning after was also good. She instructed me to sit at her feet as we sipped our potent brew. We conversed, we discussed our needs and wants. It was very constructive.

She is planning another week’s excursion with her lady friends at a resort a few hundred miles away. I have been selected as a driver, baggage handler, butler, etc. I will report on the details as they develop.


shebsheb said...

thank you for sharing this. i'll be looking forward to reading about the details :) ...


Milliscent said...

Seducing her, now that is a very good boy!

All For Her said...

I'm glad to hear things are going well.