Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Are (not) Playing Again

After coffee this morning I carried the dishes and cups from last night’s snack and this morning into the kitchen. Upon my return MW was again lying across the bed on her front. I always accept that as an invitation to make love to her bottom, and I did so. Her thighs, the dimples about her buns, her sides, her knees were not neglected either. I moved on to give her back a full massage.

Some half hour later she declared that it was time to start the useful part of the day, and that I would be getting back to more strenuous and rigid schedule of house cleaning, etc. I was silly enough to suggest that I would help her to clear the floors of some items that we have been casually storing there. It was to make it easier to clean the floor. The consequence was several jolts with the signaling device. She was going to follow this up with some corporal adjustment, but could not find her tools. No matter, somehow she ran across her formerly favorite cane. It is no longer her favorite because the tip broke off during use, and the sharp edge tends to leave cuts on my butt. But it was all right to use this time, which she did.

I must admit that she was kind to me, and gave me only a dozen or less across my cheeks. The signaling device remained on and has been used many times today.

In the evening she cooked one of my favorite meals for dinner. We really enjoyed it.

Relying on Electronic Communication

Back in the dark ages we used to have office mail. It was a service that relied on typewritten or printed material that was often duplicated and passed on through human local mail carriers. We would look in the in-box and pick up all that people left including items and artifacts. We used to get business mail and advertisements the same way. Much of that practice has stopped. I believe that the mechanism still exists in most large businesses, but gets very little use. Unless it comes to delivering objects that need a physical container, we rely on email and instant messaging. Some of us carry this to extremes. For example, MW sends me email at one or more of my addresses. The fact that her computer is in the same room as mine, and that we sit about ten feet apart does not interfere with usage.

It is with this spirit that she uses the signaling device to have me fetch her drinks, objects, or to remind me to bring the laundry from the dryer. She could talk to me, and she does that too, but the first attention getter is a zap rather than a more traditional, “Oh dear? …”

Yesterday being a blustery Sunday, I stayed indoors except during a few unavoidable chores. As you can guess, all I wore was the device the rest of the day. She was still using it after we had settled down to watch a movie and were sitting side by side. I guess that she wanted to be sure that I was paying attention before she said something. Before I excused myself to pass out I asked her whether I should turn off the device, hoping she will say, “Yes, and take it off.”

No. It was just "Turn it off." It was not a great handicap. Like Kali, it gets in the way only under some circumstances, such as when I sit, wear tight pants, or when I develop an erection. As a result I was able to sleep without the usual pains. I did have the last little problem, but it was not to such extent as it would have been with Kali. At least she did not have me wear both simultaneously. She can be very nice to me.

They Find You Wherever You Are

I used to get IMs on the job from “Bobbi-Joe”, ”Meredith”, and their sisters with offers of hot dates, large boobs, blow jobs, and kinky sex. I kept changing my moniker, and they kept finding me. I guess my responses exuded that sexuality that never fails to impress the average mortal, were they really females or just masquerading as such. That was one reason why I no longer use IM. Those poor things out there suffered too long with my coveted manly presence being there but without giving them satisfaction.

Now days I use one of my email addresses just between MW and me. Only once or twice a year ago I inadvertently send email from there to somebody other than her. Someone picked up the address. As a result, I still get advertisements from unknown assholes that want to sell me the usual crap. The volume is a small percentage of what I get on my business email, but is still annoying.

Some of these are funny. For example, I got one this morning with a splashy banner that I will not duplicate here (after all, I don’t want to help this schmuck sell his stuff). It is from “Maxwell C. English” probably from Africa or Pakistan. “…WonderCum allows you to have multiple orgasms! … Doubles, Triples, Quadruples and MORE!… not just the volume of …” and so on. One good thing I can say about this guy is that for "advertise-talk" his grammar is fair, unlike most that are scattered in my direction. Way to go, “Maxwell C. English!” You appear to be more educated than most of those that use this annoying practice.

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