Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edging Again

Do as I say, not as I do

During our morning coffee we get to discuss just about any subject. The conversation is usually benign, beneficial, and from time to time entertaining. Once in a while MW gets me started on politics and she practically needs to put me into a straightjacket before I calm down again. But most subjects don’t rile me that much.

I have said in many forms that we, as submissive males to our selected partners must not whine, complain, request, demand, and act like a four-year-old who did not get his second helping of ice cream. In other words, we must not top from the bottom. It may be difficult to distinguish this from occasionally discussing legitimate grievances. However, when you bring up one of your favorite subjects (sex) in contexts such as, “you never …”, “why don’t we ever …”, or “it’s been umpteen days/weeks/months since you …” it is a hint that you are doing it. This is especially true when you are doing it without her asking you about it.

I Am Edging Again

I don’t remember my frame of mind when I said, “We have not done anything since September.” I was referring to MW’s tendency to become stressed by holidays, relatives, tenants, etc., and take the celibate route in general as a result of her preoccupation.

She did not take my comment in the spirit with which it was blurted. She icily responded, “Read your blog.”

I backpedaled at great speed while trying to explain that I was merely referring to some of the kinky stuff that we used to do. As you can guess, I was not very successful.

She appeared to get over it, so nothing else was said about it.

My Early Sins

Over the many years that we have been trying to perfect this FLR I bought several books on the subject. Some were meant to be read by the woman, others by both of the practicing couple (see the sidebar of my post). In every case I took it upon myself to research then purchase these books over the Internet or some other means.

I don’t remember exactly when I first ran across a reference to Ms. Rika’s new book, “Uniquely Rika,” maybe a couple of months ago, but at the time I made a note to research it at my convenience. The note itself was buried under other notes on my desk, so it was not until I read another mention of it, on which I made a comment (see my original reference to the posting and subsequent comment at Why FLRs Are Successful.

My Most Recent Sins

Apparently Ms. Rika read my comment, and we ended up exchanging some low-key email, which I forwarded to MW for her amusement (actually, just to make sure that she will not think that there is anything underhanded going on). A day later MW and I were busy with emails and such on our computers when MW exploded with deep indignation. Among other words I heard “email” mentioned. She left the room. I did not say anything for I felt that it would make things worse for me for the moment. Several minutes later she returned and I approached her with great tact and diplomacy to find out what my latest sin was. The bottom line was, she thought that for the first time she was ahead of me in finding kinky or provocative material on D/S or FLR, and that she sent me an email pointing me to the source. Then she received the copy of my email to Ms. Rika in which I state that I had just ordered the book. This act by me preceded, and indeed, superseded MW’s attempt to do a nice thing for me.

I tend to show less emotion about matters of importance that don’t deal with life and death, but I was very sympathetic with her attempt to do something nice for me and my botching it by extremely bad timing. Several apologies by me and a few hours of groveling later I think she had overcome her anger and disappointment, and we settled down to our evening routine.

Smoldering Ashes

Early in the morning of the day when all this took place I was up, and as usual, installed the signaling device so that she can summon me when ready. When I brought our morning coffee to her she said to leave the device on. This was unusual, because I was planning to work on some landscaping later, but I complied. Later in the day we had our encounter (my sins above), and the eventual wind-down in the evening. I removed the device to shower, but did not put it back, thinking that we will be sitting side by side, and there was no need. After I passed out she stayed up to watch a movie on television.

A couple of hours later she came to bed and started playing with the boys. Being as sensitive as they are, they take offense easily, and only the little guy responded with appreciation. It did not take her long to explain to me that the signaling device should have been left on, because she did not tell me to take it off. After several pleasantly painful minutes she had me do some trivial chores, then said, “In the morning present yourself to me, and then I will decide what device you will be wearing during the day.”

My response of “Ok” appeared to be wrong, for the boys continued to suffer. It was not until a, “Yes Mistreatess,” stopped her imparting of this loving corrective action. At the time of this writing I am anticipating some uncomfortable devices to be applied later this morning.

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