Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have been given a link to a blog during one of my readings of current posts here and there. I did check it with some misgivings based on the preview that the person who referenced it presented. The blog is straight out of “Extreme male fantasy 101.” I did get turned on reading it, and will likely return to see what develops. But, as you may have guessed already, I have a somewhat jaundiced view of some so-called relationships. Don’t take that comment as a criticism, rather, as a question in “how real is it?”

I don’t mind repeating my aphorism, “The more you dig in, the more you are likely to come out the other side.” This person sounds like she (?) is totally in charge of a male husband who is devastatingly enslaved by her with respect to sexual nonexistence. While I can see an extreme view of a female dominating a male, especially in the given context, I can at the same time visualize a male fantasizing to this extreme and writing his supposed scenario.

Could it be that this is no more than most of the stuff that is fodder for erotic novels? Please give your opinion. I doubt that you will insult anyone if you think that the blog is fake. If it is a fake, it is a very good fake. If it is legitimate, the author should rejoice in knowing that it is so good that it appears to be too good to be true. Not that I would really want to be the subject of her [un]desires. For fantasy, it is great. For real, I don’t want to go there.


submissive one said...

i've recently discovered that blog as well, and wondered the same thing. It almost sounds too extreme to be true. If it's not, it's sure a great fantasy. If it is, it is very extreme. My former Mistress used chastity, but the longest i was ever caged was two weeks. She was very generous with my orgasms, and i was very grateful for that!

Knight-in-Waiting said...

I normally get a gut feeling within minutes of reading a blog as to its authenticity.

I think there are a lot of fantasy blogs out there, good ones at that.

Mystress said...

Good evening,

It certainly shows that there are very different sorts of D/s relationships out there.

I don't know if it is fake or not.. but personally, I like My pet to be highly aroused.. just as I enjoy his release. While I am the Mystress, I am not an unfair one. I certainly DO control his orgasm's. He never asks for them, but I do like to grant them. Paladin's main job with Me is as My pleasure slave.. and that he does exceedingly well. If he was to ask, I would not find it offensive but rather pleasing. However he is such that his greatest joy comes from bringing Me pleasure.

Anyways. I do find your blog quite interesting..
Thanks for sharing,
Best to you both,

Amanda-jane said...

I find writing my own blog has given me a far greater appreciation for what might be fantasy. Now I view all with a degree of skepticism. I enjoy good writing, can appreciate what is written but never take it for gospel.

Susan's Pet said...

Thank you all for your interesting and interested responses. As it usually happens in conversations, they compell me to do more thinking on the subject. In this case it is of "reality versus fantasy" in blogs.

I also enjoy seeing different viewpoints, even when we don't agree. For example, what may be extreme to one person, is normal to another.

Susan's Pet said...

After thinking about the comments above I realized that I should have said more in my response.

Submissive One,

MW and I play with chastity devices, and I may have spent a few days wearing one (see one of my earlier postings), but never that long. I would not mind trying.


What did you conclude? Is the blog real? Don’t worry about making a mistake in case the blog proves to be otherwise. This is a difficult problem to analyze.


You have made a statement that gave me more of a thrill than I consider polite (blush blush). Your attitude about your pet is commendable. The central theme is very well summarized in “…Paladin's main job with Me is as My pleasure slave….” Unless I am grossly mistaken, this is about 98 percent of submissive, would-be-submissive, submissive-wannabe, and just plane old horny males with an adventurous spirit.

This is a nearly perfect example of a male fantasy lived by your pet. Most of us would be absolutely thrilled to have that position thrust on us. I am not suggesting that you are not real. What I want to point out is how difficult it is to tell a nearly perfect relationship from an imaginary one. The reason is because both are so nearly perfect.

Most of us are in a sort-of functional relationship, so almost nobody will question our veracity. After all, no fool would write about imaginary problems and try to make it look real. I may end up saying more on this subject in a later post.

Back to you and your Paladin, I envy both of you. Not that I would want to give up what I have, since love is not negotiable. Just that your attitude is so proper, at least by my standards. Please continue to comment. You are a fascinating person, and your female perspective is really needed by all of us.


It appears that we share the joy of writing. I will try to keep up with your blog.

Knight-in-Waiting said...

As much as I would love to believe the blog is genuine, it seems a little too "full time and full on" to me. That's my gut feeling.

It's a very addictive blog though. If I'm wrong and it is authentic then wow, what an incredible, albeit extreme, marriage.

saratoga said...

As you noted in your comment on my post, you already know my feelings on this.

My Female friends and I all pretty much agree that the probability is extremely high that the blog in questions is/was written by a male with extreme chastity and pain fantasies.

We'll never know. As I wrote in my original post linking to Bridgette's blog, I don't care, either. It was hot, erotic FemDom writing.

Sometimes, in cyberia, that's all you can ever know about a blog.