Saturday, February 16, 2008

Another Bump in the Road

Early in the Day

We sat at our computers on a rainy afternoon, and it occurred to me to play a CD that has her favorite style of music. Being somewhat careless I failed to control the volume as the music started. The sudden onset of noise startled her. Her reaction prompted a response from me, which in turn a response from her. The rest was worse.

In the Evening

Later in the evening she tried to make amends. I did not respond well. The consequence was that she left me in our bedroom, while she went to spend the night, and the rest of her life away from me.

Even in my best moments I find it difficult to deal with emotional attitude of others. I was not in my best moments last night. I did not deal with anything. After spending some time reading I turned off the lights. I had plans of doing and not doing certain routine things in the morning because of the change of situation at hand. I fell asleep with those troubled thoughts.

Restitution In the Early Morning Hours

Some hours later I was awakened with the world’s most beautiful breasts draped across my face. I reached out with my free hand and found equally beautiful parts attached to the breasts. Considering my position I had to assume that all of those parts belonged to MW. She stayed for several minutes while I sported an erection and fondled all of her that I could reach. At some point I suggested,

“Come back to bed.”

She silently stepped back, then went to the bathroom. Afterward she left the bedroom. I assumed that she was going to retrieve her pillows and join me. Several minutes later I realized that she was not coming back. I got my naked ass out of bed and went to find her. She was lying on the living room sofa with some cats for company. We straightened the misunderstanding: I wanted her to come back to bed, and she needed firm reassurance that I meant it.

Back in bed we felt each other like new lovers for maybe a half hour. She could not fail to notice the little guy muscling in between us, so at some point she made the overtures for me to help out. I gently pushed her onto her back, and she generously spread her thighs for us.

We spent a long time feeling each other before she took the little guy in hand and escorted him to the center of my being. Not being in a hurry I took my time to enjoy her to the hilt. She mentioned buying a CB3000 “because it looked sexy”. She knew that I consider the idea erotic. While pinching my ON/OFF buttons she talked of my acquiring “more protein in my diet” after the inevitable, obliquely referring to my cleaning up after myself. That usually gets me going like nothing else. Eventually the little guy took control, regardless of the implications, while I abandoned mine to a glorious orgasm.

Resting on one elbow or another I remained on top breathing her scents and feeling her softness. It took a while for us to settle down to some more fondling, kissing, licking, and feeling, then parting. She did not follow through on the hinted “protein snack”. At the time I was happy with it. In retrospect I wish that she had tested me. But I can’t complain. It's something to which I can look forward.


Miguel said...

Something's not working if you're on again off again or hitting yet another bump in the road.

A relationship shouldn't require so much conscious effort for it to work. Especially true if we're talking about FLR.

I wonder if you're topping from the bottom.

My own queen doesn't keep track of what I do. It's all mine to do unless she says she wants to do it, e.g, cooking a meal.

As for her wanting to do something all she has to do is tell me. It's up to me then to drop whatever I'm doing and do what she asks.

With regards to sex pleasuring her orally comes first. There is no hint of reward for a job well done. It's simply my duty to please her.

Since Valentine's Day I've worshiped her with my mouth on two occassions. She loves to receive oral to include analingus. Nothing says boss like having one's asshole eaten.

At the end of our worship sessions, nothing but a warm embrace, her thanking me for loving her so selflessly, and how it was time for me to tuck her into bed and for me to go to my own bed.

Last night we had an incredibly romantic evening, just talking, drinking champagne, and watching t.v. She announced there would be no sex, but she did want me to give her a shower. She explained why she didn't want sex. She was still basking in the previous night's session of worship. And she was tired.

She did have me stand up, approach her, and untied my pajama bottoms, pulling them down. She touched my cock, then told me to stroke it. She joined in and I was so excited and it had been a week since I last came I thougt I would cum before I even got fully hard.

I did get hard. She then told me to stop and to get her another glass of champagne.

True to her word no sex, but she did ask me to share the bed with her and that's a rarity and always a treat.

Regarding 'protein snacks' most lose interest the instant we climax. If she insists it's amazing how we can regain that enthusiasm. My own wife felt conflicted about cream pies as part of her thought men shouldn't eat their own cum. Another side thought of it as extremely kinky.

How she resolved the conflict wasn't planned; it just happened. I had eaten her to orgasm (remember she always cums first) and she was ready for another but wanted some stick time. She pushed me on my back guided me in and I quickly released.

She was still very aroused and wanting to be eaten again. Without even thinking about it she got off of me and sat on my face. It was only when I had been eating her for probably five minutes she remembered.

Now she expects it. What I deposit I get to remove. This of course when she lets me in her without a glove which is also rare.

Thanks for sharing, bumps and all

Susan's Pet said...


I want to welcome you to my blog. It sounds like you have a good and satisfying relationship with your queen. The details that you describe are erotic, and right up where I would like to be in my FLR 24/7. We are happy for you.

I want to ask you, though, “Do you always do the right thing? Do you never disappoint your queen? Do you ever react like a human and take offense or be emotionally hurt by what your queen says or does?”

My questions have a reason, and that is to distinguish between what we lump into two bins. One bin is FLR. The other bin is the basic human feeling or response on which we build FLR.

For illustration I will pose a hypothetical scenario with a couple in FLR. Say, the woman has issues that go way back to her childhood, but resurface at odd moments. Based on one of these issues she strikes out at her submissive male partner in a way that is out of the ordinary and unwarranted based on the circumstances. He perceives this as a very basic attack. His feelings are hurt. He reacts in a way that may be out of character in his position. He holds a grudge.

I propose that in the above scenario the issues are not part of FLR, but more basic. Therefore, it is not an “On again, off again FLR,” but a lack of adequate training to deal with emotion on both sides.

If you were referring to my subsequent posting, (Reset), you are right to question the strength of our FLR based on what I said. I did not say that the FLR is “off”, just that she has reservations about her not fulfilling her role, whatever that may be. I am glad to say that she is coming back, but also should point out that she had never left. There was one of these resets over a year ago. I don’t want to present details here, but the essence was that in her opinion we are and will remain in an FLR as long as we both shall live. The perturbations are on the lower, human level, not on the FLR. They must not jeopardize the relationship that is built on this level.

slave2Catwoman said...

That is oneof the things I love most about Ms. Catwoman. She rarely, if ever has one of those oh-so-annoying-to-the-maleemotional snits. We have had few disagreements, and we have worked those out very quickly. I really appreciate that about her. If anything, she is too understanding.

Susan's Pet said...


That is admirable of Ms. Catwoman. With that attitude you can concentrate more on the positive aspects.

My wife can and does deal with small misunderstangings. The method and the result often turn out to be in her favor and at my expense, not that I would change a thing about that. Still, from time to time, we must deal with deeper emotional responses that are less FLR, and more basic human response to deeply buried problems. In a way these times keep me humble, knowing that I can't claim being in the perfect FLR.