Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Looking Through Bars Again

Normally I would not bother posting about this. For most men in a D/S relationship this is like an everyday occurrence, and may be for me from time to time. I just wanted to let you know that MW did as she said she would. After coffee in the morning she buttonholed me (read that as “pulled me to her by my tit”) and said, “After you have finished your outside chores, you will present your cage and put it on.”

I did some work, and then went to town to buy some material for a project. It was after noon when I stopped working outside. I came to her with the CB2000. I asked her about removing the signaling device first, and she agreed. After that I installed the cage. I settled down to work on my income tax return for the next two hours.

She was doing some laundry. Don’t ask me why. I volunteered to do it a number of times. At some point she said that there was no hot water in the laundry room. I checked in the bathroom near by, and concurred. I spent the next couple of hours diagnosing the problem, draining the tank, going to town again, and replacing a heating element. I gave the CB2000 a test in action, as it were. The discomfort was not too bad.

Other than asking me about my comfort a few times, and pinching my nipples, that is all that had happened. This morning I woke with a hard on as usual, and tried to stay awake long enough for it to go away. By the time I managed it to an acceptable state, the time was 3:40, so I got out of bed. The boys are a bit crowded with the addition of the signaling device, but I don’t mind suffering this way for her pleasure. Later we had coffee.

I always like to cuddle with her for many reasons. She lets me do it at her whim, as she did this morning. I tried to avoid hurting her with my hardware enhancements, but since she was in control, all I could do was to minimize the effect.

As we lay on our sides facing each other, my equipment left a mark on her beautiful thigh, as you can see in this picture. I assure you that the mark is temporary, and the thigh is just as kissable as before.

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mistressusan said...

Impressions such as these will occur, when one is kneeing one's Pet in the groin. And a good time was had by all :)