Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We Are Playing Again

Last Friday being hard labor day, I passed out midway into the evening. MW tried to revive me by telling me to install the CB2000. I was too wasted to comply. Generously she let me get away with it. When I woke up the next morning I started thinking right away. That is usually a sign that I would not be able to sleep any more. I was getting out of bed as I remembered her last order to me. I did not want to take it upon myself to act in this manner, so I grabbed only the signaling device and left the room.

We were alone in the house, so I did not need clothes except that I was cold. We like to keep the main heater off most of the time, especially at night, because it tends to dehumidify the air and disturb our sleep. When I settled down at the computer with my espresso I turned on a portable heater. Did some work until MW summoned me some hours later.

I like the way she makes her rear available for me to kiss. There was already some daylight, so I could zero in on her delicious buns right away. Of course, she expected it. It is funny that the term, “Kiss my ass” has a different meaning between us than when I hear it in general. You know, in general it is not a nice thing to say. Between us I consider it a gift, and respond with a kiss and a “Thank you Mistress.”

I brewed fresh coffee for us and brought it to her. We discussed my failure last night, and she hinted that the device is still in my immediate future. She also mentioned that she might allow me to remove it temporarily so that she can use me to her advantage in the evening. We were planning to go to a family party in behalf of a son-in-law. I guessed that I would be wearing the cage even when we are out. She told me that it was all right to put on clothes when I need to go outside.

After coffee she told me to install the cage. She instructed me to add a spring-loaded latch to be hanging on the Prince Albert ring that protrudes between the bars. Another latch to hold the cage together. She did not have me install a lock. Since my masturbation is never an issue, there is no need to lock the cage. I would not remove it unless she instructed me to do so. We are not really using it as a chastity device, although we could. We are just playing with it, as she likes to show her power over me. I, on the other hand, get a large thrill out of being in my natural state but enhanced by the device while she is fully clothed.

Early afternoon I was getting ready for our outing. After I showered, I put on some decent clothes (I can’t be going out in my natural state). When done, I checked with MW about the looks of my crotch in the tight Wrangler pants. We agreed that it was just too suggestive for a family gathering, so she told me to remove the cage and put on Kali.

I don’t know who or how many among you know about this devilish device. It was sold under the name “MCD”. The cost was around $30 three or four years ago. It is also called Kali’s teeth bracelet. It is a strip of plastic about an inch wide that wraps around the male part, and is tied shut with one of those plastic ties that have become ubiquitous from electrical wiring to prisoner transport. You know, whenever you want to tie up something but not use a rope. It is kind of prickly fun when first put on. Under my tight pants it was a frequent source of discomfort, but not much pain. I had made a mistake in the past. In my enthusiasm to comply I made it too tight. Not this time. Over several hours while driving, or sitting I suffered a bit, but again, it was within tolerances of good clean CBT.

It was late in the evening when we returned home. I was about to step into the shower when MW showed up in the bathroom ready to shower. She, of course, took priority. Afterward I dried her and we returned to the bedroom so that I could do her massage. She was ready, but sent me off to get her dessert first. I did, and then we got down to business. She kindly let me get my shower after that.

We needed to unwind, so she popped a movie into the player. The plot was based on reality, the acting good, but it was just a bit too serious. Amazingly I stayed with it. During this time I asked her whether she was planning to leave Kali in place knowing how much pain it can cause. She said yes. She also said that I should wake her during the night, but only after some suffering. She can be so nice to me.

After the movie we tried to sleep. It took me a long time. It was around 3AM when I was awake again. The device has triangular teeth arranged in rows sort of like shark's teeth. They are small, but pointy. As usual, my little guy was doing his own thing without consulting me, and as usual, he was in trouble begging me to bail him out. Alas, I was powerless to do so. The problem with this device is that it is insidious. After installation if he manages to remain flaccid, there is no problem. Then, upon being teased, provoked, or turned on in any fashion, the little guy reacts. For example, MW would use my ON/OFF switches just to see what Kali’s teeth do to me. At first the pain is delicious enough to feed back and in turn create a more massive erection. The consequence is more pain, then more erection. I think that the process ends with more pain, because the erection can be only so big, whereas the pain can increase. The same process occurs while I sleep. Those nasty little buggers bite, and then I am awake. In the past I used to get up, walk around, and think of some bad things, like collection agency lawyers, roof repair, etc. to get my mind off the little guy and pain. It usually worked after a while.

This time I did what it takes to awaken MW following her instructions from last night. She faked sympathy and expressed admiration for the size, shape, color, etc., and then sent me to fetch the side-cutters to cut the plastic tie. The process itself was painful, but I quickly got over that. The teeth left a nice pattern that you can see in the next picture. From time to time they penetrate the skin, so I end up with neat rows of tiny scabs for a few days. This time it was not that bad.


fd said...

my sympathies. It must be hard being a good boy who doesn't masturbate but yet have to be wearing a chastity device designed for those who can't obey their Wives and keep their hands off their penis. Fortunately, i have no need for such a device and my Wife is kind enough not to make me wear one.

Susan's Pet said...

It is indeed hard to be a good boy, but it can be rewarding.

In our relationship chastity is a given: I am chaste, she is chaste, we do sex together. Not that there is anything wrong with doing it another way, it's just that we have this commitment.

The chastity device applied to me is just an added enhancement to our power play. It is more of a fantasy of "what if she did this to me?", and she is actually doing it. She and I know that she could put it on and leave it on forever. She also knows that it is not necessary, so she does it just to thrill us. She is great that way.

Destiny and her pet chance said...

susans pet, could you tell me more about the signling device? It is electrical and sends volts through you? Do I get to keep the button in my hand?

This type of toy is something that interests me very much but before I purchase one I would like to know about someone that uses one, so your input .. and photos :) would be appreciated.


Susan's Pet said...

Destiny (and her pet chance),

Thank you for your interest. I would be happy to give you the details including photographs of the device. In my comment here I can't go to much detail. I suppose that I could post it, but at this time I choose not to do so, because there has not been much interest in it, at least so far.

The device itself is a "dog obedience" device that we bought about a year ago. We had a previous version, but it became unreliable after about a year of use. This newer version is unmodified from its original use. The only thing that I added was a 3/4 inch collar of the appropriate size to make it possible to attach to my private parts. See a photograph at my Nov 4 2007 post for "Mistress Wife is at Home".

The device is not dangerous to a healthy male. I can't say whether heart patients should use it or not. Anyway, my mind may be near my balls, but my heart is not, so there. You can hold the controller (similar to a remote control for a TV set) in your hand, and the lucky wearer of the signaling device can be anywhere within about 300 feet of you.

I tried to send you email using the link on your profile, but I got nowhere. If you need further information, please let me know here or at susans.pet@gmail.com.

Destiny and her pet chance said...

Your answer is perfect, I was unsure if it was the dog device or not. We have looked at them a couple of times, but I hever heard of anyone else using them. So I was always reluctant in the end.

Because I enjoy chance as a pet this is a device that interests me.

Thank you again.


Susan's Pet said...

You are welcome, sweet Destiny!

By the way, we bought the device at http://www.drsfostersmith.com. It comes with ten levels of intensity, and is quite safe.