Monday, March 29, 2010

What Do You Mean By "Sex"?

I like to sort things so that I understand them. It also helps me to explain or convey ideas to others. I will try to explain sex, as in “doing it”, rather than a noun.

Viewing material that is conducive to subsequent sexual acts. Somewhat like foreplay, either shared or solo.
Same as Visual, except a different set of senses come into consideration; also a desired style of monolog or dialog may be coveted.

Running one’s hand, tongue, or other protuberance over the body parts of one’s partner. This is wide-open to interpretation.

Facial contact with the parts of the partner. Lips, tongue, teeth, mouth, and genitals, may be in use in any circumstance from either partner.

Application of tools that cause pain, resulting in sounds at the moment of impact and also as a result of the above.
Silent intrusion

This covers a wide range. It could be bondage, insertions, confinement, and application of tools, deprivation or application of senses-related issues, and others I don’t wish to cover but you are welcome to do so.
Blatant sexual intercourse

I am sure that you know all about this.

I will skip over these for the nonce. Feel free to add your preferences to your response.

My opinion of sex, as described above, is “Bring it on!” I can do solo, which is not very satisfying, or I can do duo, which is excellent as long as my partner subscribes to open-minded sex. Yes, there is also more than duo situation, and I could accommodate that willingly. Sure, there may be a limit, but I have never reached it.

Assuming you are of age and a bit past childhood you have experienced most of what I presented above. So, when you say, “We have sex”, what do you mean? What do you want? What do you need?


doll said...

Anna louise is back and looking sexy as ever. It is very reassuring to view her new blog.

Rose said...

Sex to me means a level of intimacy and sharing of thoughts and communication. So difficult for me to do.

Susan's Pet said...

Sweet Rose,

I think I know what you mean. There is blatant sex just for the hormonal gratification, there is sex with some involvement with the person, and then there is sex with a lot of love and commitment.

I don't have anything against blatant sex, for if you don't use it, you lose it. But going through life with nothing but blatant sex is shallow. You need to have loved at some point. I guess that you are in need of some of that love.