Sunday, March 7, 2010

She Gave Me A Rose

She is a nurturing female. She cares for humans, animals, plants, even for gadgets. She is the counterpart of me. I would be empty without her.

I listen to Roger Whittaker’s “Honey” and I cry for the emotion that it evokes in me as I think of her. She is most of my life. Without her I would be empty or dead.

She gave me a rose today, one of those that she raised from a stick. Her gesture is devastatingly loving. I could die for her.

1 comment:

DoubtingSean said...

Lucky guy.

Says a lot that none of the sub male hamsters that claim to be in the most wonderful and fulfilling D/s relationships are silent.

HAUTE that she grew the rose rather then buy it. Says A LOT, regarding your relationship and legitimacy of this blog.