Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oral Justice

Oral justice is a tribute to the female.

Whether male or female doing it, a female getting justice via oral service by a submissive is what I call the ultimate thrill of the giver. This has nothing to do with my rantings about a female needing a brain to be in charge. This is primal, way below what we assess as intelligence. She is female, therefore, she needs and deserves oral justice! Her self, demeanor, education, and intelligence are superimposed on this, and spread over all of femininity. But it does not change a thing.

Females have all this in common. Imagine yourself tossed into a room and looking at a woman. You get no questions answered, no option of what to do, just appreciating the target of all humanity, the female of creation. With your hands tied behind you, you are at her mercy of pleasure and pain. You are dismissed or used. You are worthless or worthy to her. You give or you get. You take what she decides to give you or take from you. Even without your hands tied you will go with it, because she is woman.

I expect that some of my readers will disagree. I would like to argue with you. Those of you who agree, please comment. Your words would amplify my and the readers’ feelings on this. I have a terrific imagination. I have written much, including books. Doing justice orally to a female is the basis of all that. I was borne of female, and will die serving one. Meanwhile, oral service to her is the greatest thrill I crave.


doll said...

I think I might argue with you as you have requested such a response. I always feel that I am being devoured when given oral service. That I have allowed an intimacy that is of greater pleasure to the giver than to me. That I might be in danger of having my female essence drawn from me rather as the dementors in harry potter draw out the soul of the poor wretches that fall prey to them.

I do have fun of course I do but such is the desperation of some men to kneel and serve orally that the power is not equally balanced.

Susan's Pet said...

Sweet Doll,

I have heard males and females talk of “going down on a woman” as if it were something dirty or something that real men don’t do. So, there may be reluctance by some men to do so. If they do, they may be trying to show to themselves that they are tough and can take it.

Then there are men who consider oral sex with a woman as a minor victory to be added to their achievements, analogous to “notches on a pistol in a western movie of old days”.

What I am suggesting here is that there is inexperience, and then there is experience in breadth and depth. It appears that what you have encountered were not men who have had experience in depth.

Those men who have done oral sex with many women may be experienced, but unless they are really sensitive to her needs, simply take their pleasure, just like in any other kind of sex. That is what separates a man who truly wants to serve a woman from those who are simply there for the momentary joy.

I have no experience in breadth, for most of my accomplishments have been with my wife. I was a bumbler at first, and she in turn did not know what she wanted. But we learned together. When I do her justice now, it is with her pleasure in mind, and we work like a perfect goal-oriented system whose goal is her satisfaction. I have experience in depth with her.

If it turned out that I could do this service for another woman, I would have to learn her preferences, and perfect my technique for her pleasure, which would not take long. My pleasure would still be knowing that I pleased her to the point of total satisfaction.

Sweet Doll, I hope that you meet such man soon. Life is too short to waste on selfish ingrates.