Monday, March 8, 2010

Yeah! Put Her In Charge! That'll Work

Sheesh, I may be harping on this subject too long, but it is so tempting to exploit that I will do it anyway. I am addressing those of you out there who think that females should be in charge at all cost, no qualifications needed other than being born with a vagina. In other words, no brain is necessary. This is similar to the reasoning that some people use to decide that a man should be in charge on account of his hairiness, somewhat muscular features, and oh yes, the thingies dangling between his thighs. I could puke thinking about these, but I will spare you the disgusting details.

If you need convincing evidence that females are not the superior gender, take a gander at pornography. Regardless of your preferences, you will find those who will disgust you. Of course, you need to remain somewhat realistic in agreeing that females in pornography are generally stupid.  If this were not so, they would not try to make a living selling their pathetic looking forms to sleasy producers. If they had the assumed intelligence, they would be bosses in some private business where they can kick male and female ass. The whip-wielding skinny rent-a-cunt females for two-bit videos need not apply when it comes to assessing intelligence. If they had any, … like I said, they would really be in charge.

This is not saying that females should not be in charge. What I am insisting is that the job depends on the individual. If she or he can provide what it takes, by all means take charge. As for the rest of us, well, you know… We will follow orders even if it means pretending to be in charge with whips, chains, rubber, and such.


Her Majesty's Plaything said...

LOL!! This was very funny to read! Expect a fire storm from the "true believers". I totally agree. Men and women were created equal but human beings were not. Sarah Palin for president! I rest my case! ;-)



DoubtingSean said...


Seems like your lack of comments reflect the extent to which you don't drink the kool aid the way many who read/comment on these blogs clearly do.

HMP beat me to it. I always thought Sarah Palin was the ideal example for female supremacy, NOT, but you def. hit the nail on the head, female porn actresses. Even better, female porn actresses that have had their breast enlarged to the mega proportions.

BTW, on the topic of S.Palin, go read FemDom101 around the time of the VP debates and the comments. Boy were the kool aid drinkers hot and bothered over the idea of caribou barbie being in charge.