Friday, March 26, 2010

When The Momentum Is Gone

A student of physics will learn that a body will continue on its present course based on momentum. So will a man subjected to FLR.

Momentum is described in many terms depending on the context. If a body is subjected to a force that would deter it from its path, the body will spend its momentum to resist the force. Unless another force is applied to the body to compensate, the momentum will be spent, and the body will become a captive of the prevailing force, or another interesting term, entropy. Entropy is the absence of opposing forces once all energy is spent. It is a total lack of energy.

While humans, except in rare cases, are not subject to entropy, losing momentum is common. It is a result of having no input into the energy reserve.

A human relationship is described as “A romantic or sexual involvement” among other things. If either the romantic or the sexual part is not reinforced periodically, the relationship will lose momentum to the point of entropy.

I may have lost some readers here, but those of you who remain will realize the truth. No matter what the relationship is, the needs of the participants must be reinforced by rewards in order for the relationship to survive. Whether you are master, slave, dominant, submissive, lover, or just lustful, there must be some pay for your love, caring, devotion, and service. At the same time, you must put your care, your love, your effort into the relationship in order to reap the benefits.

So, what do you do if you get no pay?


doll said...

That would depend upon the size of investment for some. With me if the investment pays no return then I cut my losses. I am slow to act but resolute once the decision is made.

Kathy said...

stiventSometimes I hear men say that women are hard to figure out.
Then I read some of the guy blogs.
Even the men can't seam to figure them selves out, or what it is they want.

What men seam to want is the 'excitement' that comes with something that is knew. Yes, at first John was excited to be cleaning house on Saturday morning. A few years into the relationship, cleaning house for his mistress/wife is no longer fun and games.

This is where it is up to the wife to use real discipline, real punishment in the relatioship.
In this example it it important for the man to understand that cleaning house is a duty that the wife expects him to perform.

The man understands that the wife will enforce her will with real punishment. This only works when the man is trained to respect his wife as a true authority figure in his life.

Love, Kathy

Susan's Pet said...


I have experienced the lack of the very thing you say, "The man understands that the wife will enforce her will with real punishment."

It is a great responsibility that is expected from a dominant woman to keep the relationship going. If she imparts no input "to keep the momentum", her realm of Female Dom will achieve entropy as I said in this post.

Kathy said...

To Pet:

Thank you for a very nice blog. I do enjoy reading it, and learning more about the relationship with your wife.

What so many men never understand is that we take control of our husbands because we love them, not because we want to torture or punish them.

It would help me to have your oppinion on an issue. What are your thoughts. Are dominant women born that way, or is it more of a learned experience. This is an issue I would like to have a man's prospective on.

Susan's Pet said...

Miss Kathy,

I don’t think that you will find my answer satisfactory. We simply don’t know enough about what motivates humans on certain levels. The question you ask falls into the realm of the catch-phrase nature versus nurture. Many researchers, psychologists, psychiatrists even dictatorial governments have tried to figure this out over centuries. Each time one makes a decision on it, another comes along and disputes it.

There were studies using identical twins that were separated early in childhood and grew to adulthood in disparate environments. One would think that since they were biologically identical, they would have the same attitudes, abilities, etc. The conclusion was, “not necessarily true”.

I favor and support the assumption that people become of who they are because of their environment. True, they can have physical traits that will allow them or prevent them from achieving their goals. Much of this is like a tennis player. If he has never practiced the game, he would have no chance of winning against a pro. Something clicks in us at an early age that is the beginning of a long learning process along with practice. Without practicing that, we can’t expect to win, whether it is leadership, artistry, or even a trade.

A woman can be offered to be dominant to somebody, which is most of what these FLR blogs are about. If she is already dominant, she will take to it naturally. If she is not naturally dominant, she could do it, but she would not necessarily be dominant with anyone other than the person who asked her. The outcome depends on things like what she gets out of it, does the submissive person want to continue, how much effort is required, and whether it is just a short-term game. I think that in your case it was you who decided to be dominant, which is why it has worked over the years. Perhaps you had it in you all your life whether you were born with it or unknowingly developed it.

My conclusion is that we may never know the answer to your question.

Kathy said...


Thank you for the time to make a very nice reply. Hope you and mistress have a very nice Easter. Love, Kathy