Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sex Idols

I keep running across women, including MW, who idolize firemen. You know, the tall, muscular, in-good-shape-benign-creatures, who will give them mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (they wish!) when rescuing them from the abuse of their no-good boyfriend’s excesses. In a small way I feel jealous. These firemen don’t have to do anything to be the target of women’s fantasies, they just are. Sheesh. Where have I failed?

Responding to emergencies as a police officer we get the detail and we hightail it to the scene. I have never arrived at a true emergency situation before these firemen had their comfortable home-away-from-home humongous rice-rockets already parked at an angle across the road with the friggin’ strobing lights all over the place. I don’t know what it is. We get the 911 results from the dispatcher just the same. Maybe after the mandatory delay … as it were.

In spite of all that I don’t resent firemen. They are always civil, helpful, and stand there like they own the place while we, lawmen, say, “Hm.. Yes, that’s right, we’ll get to it,” and do what the hell ever we are supposed to do, like directing traffic away from the scene.

In all my years I have not heard of any nutcase shooting a fireman. But there have been many shootings, stabbings, clubbings, and vehicle slaughter of policemen. Why? Are the citizens feeling guilty for which they have to hate the police but love the firemen knowing that the firemen don’t arrest them?

I really don’t hold a grudge. Maybe some decades ago I could have chosen to be a fireman, and learn to love the job. Then, I might have realized that I really wanted to be police, and not miss most of the fun. As they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

One side has danger, but in most cases, glamour. The other side has glamour, but in most cases danger. What do you choose: glamorous life, or glamorous death?

I still have my police skills, but I doubt that I could get a job as a fireman at this point in my life. One must stay in shape. I am in relatively good shape, but I couldn’t compete with those tall muscular young men applying for the same position.

Then there are those firewomen, to coin a term. Yes, I know, the politically correct term is firefighter, leaving gender identity out of the picture. That is, unless you are on the scene. Damn, I don’t want to leave gender out of the picture. I have met some wonderful firewomen on the scene, and I would love to see more of them. But, that’s just me, the horny male who loves women. That is why MW keeps me controlled. I must not give away the store, so to speak. It is her store, and I know it. Still, I love to see those firewomen.

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DoubtingSean said...

It's all about the uniform.

BTW, the 40-50something ones that promote to Chief and wear the white shirts, black pants (with a beer belly), silver/gold badges and find themselves in desk jobs making 120K w a year with a crown victoria for their exclusive use, are so NOT HOT.