Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Losing Interest

I began this blog with some enthusiasm in 2007 to chronicle my Female Led Relationship (FLR). It has been fun. However, as I explained in Evolution, things change.

Back a while I expressed my feeling that I needed more than just to write about FLR, chastity, denial, D/S, and other kink. I explained my position in My Interest in Blogging About FLR is Waning.

As I evolve I am beginning to lose interest in reading and writing about this subject. For one, there are already many blogs that do it justice, and two, there are many others that do it injustice. Given that, there is little that I can add. I am not giving up on FLR itself, just that I am getting bored with reading and writing about it as a saga. I am still very interested in personally experiencing it. I am also involved in critiquing it, writing essays, and analyzing FLRs. As for recording my day-to-day experiences, I cannot really compete with some blatant blogs of sexually explicit details, and I don’t have the interest to do so.

As to where I go from here, it remains to be seen. I like to write. I have written many short stories, and one of the books, see Jason's Deliverance. I have material for others, and I feel the need to work on them. I may check in from time to time. I will continue to read some of my favorite blogs for now. You know who you are based on the comments I have left. I may post some significant event and take a different course. As I have said, it is evolution.


BOB said...

What a shame! But i understand that it must be hard to write a blog all of the time.

I hope that you will still post now and then. I sometimes didnt agree with your opinions but they always were thought provoking and interesting.

You defintly came at FLR from a different angle than most bloggers which is why i found your blog to be so interesting.

And i liked the fact that you didnt just focus on the "dominatrix" side of FLR.

All people have their own vision of what a FLR should be. I hope that you havent been put off FLR because of other's visions of what it should or shouldnt be.

Either way i wish you the best and i thank you for all of your hard work writing your posts.And thank you for making me re-examine my own opinions and views of FLR from time to time.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Hi SP:

I can totally relate. I have been feeling much the same way myself these days. In fact I could have written this post. I have very much enjoyed reading your blog and enjoyed your comments on mine. Best of luck to you! Don't be a stranger!



Susan's Pet said...

Thank you both. I will try to keep in touch.

All For Her said...

I have to agree with you as well, not to mention at this point it's all pretty much covered ground for me. I realized I was writing posts about the same things over and over.