Monday, October 19, 2009

Tribute To Followers

Dear People,

I appreciate your willingness to read my thoughts. In some cases it could be a whim or something that an Internet search brought up when looking for " ..." whatever. In other cases, it could be an acknowlegement of some value that I provide. It is the latter that I treasure.


subservient-husband said...

You are well written and I do enjoy. Thx.

BTW, I too have a uniform, albeit not a minimal as yours, but still chilly when in the grips of a cold snap. I find fuzzy slippers a good cure and it is a concession my wife allows without objection.

Also, just a friendly bit of advice. When you feel your sciatic nerve & central arteries going into limbo, perhaps it is time to seek a professional's opinion. ;-}

Milliscent said...

I've always enjoyed your blog, and am pleased whenever I see new posts here.

Susan's Pet said...


I agree with you in priniple, however, there is a problem with implementation with respect to the emegergency roo. I might post something about that real soon.


Thank you. I also enjoy your posts, and appreciate your comments.

MJ's Slave said...

I am not sure if I count as a follower...but have become a bit of a lurker..i have much to say regarding health care...i don't know why i thought you lived in colorado...but where ever...i agree with the unfortunate nature of using the ER as the point of first contact with the health care system...but there will have to be a solution for all people seeking care..whether it is inconvenient or expensive. The issue is how to allocate the cost of that care without becoming a socialist society.

I feel safe in saying had any of those poor unwashed shown up on your steps/drive/porch you would have been hard pressed to tell them to bleed elsewhere. But that is an impression made from lurking only...and formed largely due to my impression you have been a first responder and that makes you qualified to decide who is worthy of service and who is without hope.

We all need hope.

All my best and I hope your foot is much better.

Susan's Pet said...

MJ's Slave,

I have been indeed a first responder in many respects. However, I have never felt qualified to decide on who gets what medical care.

This is exactly why I have a problem with government supplied medical care: bureaucrats decide. Which means, when your momma needs a heart valve replacement, she will be put on Aspirin. With medical care the way it is now, at least one has another option. With "government option" there is no option.

While on duty I participated in an emergency situtation. I gave blood to an illegal alien who was struck by a car as he ran across an expressway. Yes, I believe in giving charity, but not as a cure for all ills.

myles96 said...

I understand your concerns. I love you blog - it was the first one I opted to follow when I first came to Blogger.
You have given me the courage to explore that side of my personality.
Sadly my geographical location means I can't follow your posts on a regular basis.