Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giving Pleasure

I don’t know whether it is my kinky yearning to please a woman, or just the way we are. Some of us just want to please.

I am no altruistic saint who will give and not take. Trust me, I will take, whatever is available. Being constantly horny and male gives me an incentive and the tools to do a lot of … OK, I could do some damage just by being myself. I learned over my many years that, there is no take without give, and no give without take. Of course, that excludes psychopathic activity. I am talking normal kink here, whatever that may be.

I was thinking of a close friend we have. She is single and without a significant other. I know that MW owns me, and that I can’t and won’t try to form sexual relationships with anyone. Still, I have the means to give pleasure that is positive.

Let me elaborate on this. In a theoretically sterile situation, I could be delivered to this sweet and lovely woman’s doorstep, and left for her use. She would pull me in by my balls, and have me give her a bath with slick soapy lotions. After I dried her and helped her into bed with a sexy video to watch she would have me use her bath water to cleanse myself so that I would be pristine for her subsequent use.

As she watched the movie she would begin to favor her private parts. Her tits would get attention, her nether lips the same. When she had enough self gratification, she would call me. I have hands, lips, cock, and some halfway decent looking male muscles to give her anything that she needs. We would use all that, but toward the end it would be my tongue that she preferred. It is skilled, clean, and well educated to give her pleasure. At this point I would be detached as far as my own pleasure was concerned. My purpose would be to please her, and I did. She would take all that she is able, and then push me away.

Sounds pure and altruistic?

Yeah, right!

I would not exactly orgasm over it, but damn, I would enjoy the hell out of it! With her scent on my face, I could start an orgy if I walked into the conference room at work.

Was I giving pleasure, or was I taking it?

Was anything lost in the process, as in using up resources?

Could it be repeated without cost?

Was anything wasted if none of these happened?

Would anything be hurt if this actually took place?

Damn! We are really wasting a lot of potential. Of course, MW might not see it that way, so this is not going to happen.

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Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Very cool sex slave scenario! I could definitely enjoy a scene like that. And altruism would have nothing whatsoever to do with it! ;-)