Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lesbian, Or Just Loving?

I may have more to say about this subject later. I just wanted to show this in a benign context.

There is only one scene I would find more enticing and endearing in a sexual scenario: a man and a woman doing the same thing. But this is definitely a close second.

I don’t get much out of seeing pictures of male homosexuality. With female to female sex, on the other hand, I could hardly go wrong in my expectation of an esoteric thrill. This particular picture is of unknown origin, so I cannot give credit. What makes it so endearing to me is the spontaneity. They appear to be just regular women, like your wife or girlfriend, not one of those posed paid-for-models pictures. There is nothing blatant or sexually provocative, just sweet love. Seeing it makes me love women more.


Giles English said...

Yes, I love the unstaged apparent realism. If you in the room, then the kiss would not be for your benefit.

BOB said...

MR Hers Forever.
Thank you for posting the photo.I agree with Giles English .It's great that they are normal looking women!They are way more beatiful than any scrawny swim suit model.

i also like MR English's suggestion of a "cuckold" always read about submissive men being cuckolded by other men.But i would think that the ultimate cuckolding fantasy a believer in Female supremacy could have is to be cuckolded by a lesbian.

A husband having to act as a house servant to his wife and her lesbian lover would be the ultimate female supremacy fantasy.

Imagine the husband having to act as a nude waiter at a dinner party consisting of his wife ,her new lesbian lover and all of the wifes female friends[who would become interested in cuckolding their own husbands with another woman]