Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pajamas -- Or Not?

The last time I remember wearing pajamas was while I was still living with my parents. It was polite to have something on when wandering through the house for a cup of coffee in the morning. This was just before I was snagged by a beautiful female to be her mate for the rest of her life.

After the above snagging I still had my pajamas, but somehow this sexy woman and I couldn’t make good use of it. I was without it more often than with. She was shyer than I, so she managed to grab things like, gowns, towels, and long wide shirts while traversing the treacherous route between the bedroom and the bathroom as my lecherous eyes followed all of her voluptuous curves. I suppose that pajamas would not have detracted from her attraction, yet, in view of the climatic uselessness of it, the evolution worked perfectly. We somehow lost our pajamas over the years.

I recorded part of a radio talk show early this year. I was just listening to a portion of it when I heard one of the commercials hawking a “pajama-gram”. In it the announcer stated, “When your love receives it as a Valentine’s Day gift, she will be the happiest woman in your life”. Hm. MW would have me wear it if I succumbed to the temptation to buy it for her.

We live in a warm climate. I wonder how many of those they sell around here. Sure, we have winters when the temperature plummets to about freezing from time to time. Unless the wind blows, we leave a window open in the bedroom at night anyway. We use several blankets and some cats for warmth while sleeping. The result is that I really don’t need more than just a tee shirt to keep me warm. MW still puts on a short nightgown during the winter nights. That’s fine. When we decide to cuddle, it is very easy to pull off, and open her warmth to mine. During other than winter nights, forget clothing!

We use air conditioning, as in “refrigeration”, only during the humid days of summer, but we seldom use it at night. So, pajamas, as such, are somewhat a non-issue for us. We don’t need it for modesty, and don’t want it for warmth.

Some years ago we settled into our Female Led Relationship. One of its requirements was that I develop my natural state, and maintain it. I have talked about my natural state before, so it’s no news: naked as I was borne. We also call it “my uniform”. The first thing I do whenever I return from being out is to get into my uniform. You have it: it means reverting to my natural state. The only other time I have to get dressed are when we have children or guests in the house.

During the day, MW dresses as she wishes, being dressed most of the time. In the heat of summer, however, she is often without clothes while indoors. This is not to be taken as being completely naked: she prefers to wear at least sports bras to keep her lovelies comfortable.

On the long run we have a nice benefit: we save water, laundry soap, clothing, and electricity. Of course, that is not the primary purpose, just a side effect. I feel good being in my natural state. MW is not that free, but she is working on it. As it should be, her comfort comes first.


Anonymous said...

i wish i could be in my natural state more often - i sleep like it but because we have a child i can't be like it all the time at home. Good to hear you're enjoying it so much, and i'm sure MW enjoys seeing you like that ;-)

doll said...

It is so humid today that the natural state holds some appeal. It doesn't happen all that often though when there are adolescents around whom I would rather not know about the piercings.