Sunday, March 9, 2008

Seduction of the Innocent

We have been reading notorious headlines and following stories of “young boys” or “young girls” seduced by their teachers. The problem I have with these major headline issues is that a male teacher seducing a female student is essentially up the creek without a paddle, whereas, a similar situation but with reverse gender is allowed to just fade. As for the prosecution of the cases, should they take place universally and automatically?

Ask any fourteen or older boy whether he would like to be seduced by a twenty-five to thirty-five year old female, and he will have an instant orgasm before he gets a chance to blurt, “F’n a-right, man!” I realize that boys that young, even going on thirty-five, still don’t have their mind sufficiently mature to distinguish between committed love and pure lust. It’s just that I know how horny and ready they are. Let me demonstrate.

I was fourteen going on fifteen when my family and I moved to a new town as I was about to start eight grade. I did not know anybody in town or in school. I liked sciences, so I immediately fell into deep appreciation of the curriculum in chemistry and physics. The teacher was a woman of about thirty, average looks, intelligent, and compassionate. She had a male friend about the same age whom I disliked. She realized my appreciation of science and dedication to learning as I participated in laboratory classes and after school discussions and demonstrations of our learning.

Some of my classmates were not as well adapted to science, and were in need of help. My teacher, let’s call her Golden Woman, offered a solution to their difficulty: I was to tutor them in turn for a fair pay for my time. She set it up, and all was well.

I had a good relationship with my mother, and she approved my involvement in tutoring. In a short time Golden Woman and my mother became friends. During this time I began to visit Golden Woman in the adjacent city where she lived. First it was official, then it was educational, and soon it became fraternal. For several months she and I spent many Sunday afternoons at libraries, museums, historical places, theatres, etc.

During this time we took a trip to the country to my place of early youth to visit a dear relative. My aunt seemed to dislike my relationship with my teacher, and she let me and my mother know her feelings. I think that she was wise, but I did not see it that way at the time. On the way back to our home during the train ride Golden Woman and I talked as we could for hours. I chose to tell a joke that hinted of sex. We both laughed, and did no more.

Subsequent to the trip we went to movies where there was relative privacy for a couple to be near. Those were the first times when I experienced the wonderful softness of her female thighs. We did not do more than that. On a couple of occasions we became innocently intimate. In her apartment that she shared with her parents I carried her in my arms from one room to another as part of the fun. Once I lay on the sofa as she put her thigh across my chest. I tried hard to reach her private parts with my mouth, alas, I was too subtle, and she was too shy. She did manage to mistreat my tits then, and on other occasions. I loved it. I wished then and later that I had had the nerve to just worship her orally. It did not happen.

At one point we were sitting on the living room sofa embracing innocently when her father came out of his bedroom and saw us. He turned around silently and went back into the bedroom. We did not have enough privacy to get anywhere. On subsequent outings we did some kissing and fondling, but that is as far as things went. Regrettably the affair was terminated due to a major upheaval in my environment. I lost touch with her after that.

I don’t think that I was hurt by this affair. I could have had full sexual gratification from her, and I would have appreciated it then. Even now I regret that it did not take place.

I am not suggesting that a boy should be seduced in this manner by a female. However, in my case, I experienced nothing but joy and love at the hand of a wonderful female. If you think that I am a biased judge of the affair, ask my Mistress Wife at about that. Ask her whether she thinks that this has hurt me or helped me to love women.

I am very protective of females in general, so I will say that it is not OK for a male teacher to seduce a female student. The issues are certainly different, and I remember how I would have reacted had my daughter been treated that way. I also disapprove of teen-age girls having sex with boys of similar age, at least while they are young enough to be under their parents care.

It is different with boys. The argument against teen-age boys having sex with an older woman is, “These boys are not mature enough to decide for themselves.” I agree. Neither are they mature enough to make the decision to have sex with their girlfriends. Yet they have their furtive sex in cars, in semi-private unsafe places, and build guilt upon guilt. They get their girlfriends pregnant, contact STD, and take chances on being physically harmed by people who disapprove.

In contrast, some boys having sex with an older woman seems harmless. The woman can provide a safe environment and gentle, guilt free sex with no strings attached. This seems more like an early education that would benefit the boy and his subsequent female partners later in life. She should not be automatically prosecuted under these circumstances.

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Very interesting adolescent 'adventure', but this comment has nothing to do with that.
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