Friday, March 14, 2008

Hanging In There

Those of you who have been reading my blog know that I am very much an advocate of “tease and denial” in sex play. MW and I communicate freely on the subject of sex. She knows my kinks better than I do. She is also very supportive of this particular kink, that is, she has denial perfected. However, she still needs to work on the tease part.

We have not been doing much lately in the sex department. She had me in the CB2000 on and off, but that is as far as things went. Which is why I have not been bragging about the fantastic sex scenes that we create occasionally.

We are still working on some version of the “real estate project” that she began to advocate a couple of months ago. The somewhat altered but still desired outcome of this project will be that our son and SO will be moving out upon fruition of MW’s efforts, thus leaving us to do more kinky stuff without observers. For example, that upper story deck that I repaired (see Free Fall) is now open for enjoyment. We have a grand view of one of the most famous mountains in the USA, just a half-mile away. We can sit there in the early morning hours sipping coffee, or in the late evening sipping mint julep. There is one aspect of limitation: we can be seen by those below us in the neighborhood. Even though the homesteads are sparse, binoculars have been known to be used for peeping on neighbors. I have suggested to MW to put an opaque or translucent curtain on the rail to prevent direct observation of my sexy physique below the waist. The neighbors and passers by already know that I am mostly naked most of the time. They see me outside in work boots and short pants. The pants are used only to avoid being arrested and jailed for indecent exposure.

I am still doing hard labor, although not as much of it as I used to do in my younger days. Somehow fatigue sets in after climbing the scaffold to the top (about twenty-five feet) each time I need another tool or some material to complete the task. A few hours of that gives me a hint to quit the sweaty job for the nonce, take a shower, pour a glass of wine, and feel like I have accomplished something good. Of course, I feel guilty for my bailing out early. Still, life is there to enjoy as long as we are around, so why the hell waste it on nothing but drudgery?

Post Script

I wrote the above early in the morning while MW was still asleep. At some point I felt the summoning effect of the signaling device, and went to see her. She was ready for my company and my fresh coffee. In a few minutes the coffee and company were provided. We talked for an hour or so. As usual, I maintained an erection and the thought, “It would be nice to snuggle up to her and feel those wonderful female curves under my fingers, and smell the clean feminine scent of her skin and more private parts.”

At about the time we usually break and talk about making breakfast she noticed the not so little guy, and commented, “It would be a shame to waste that….”

It did not take me long to be alongside her and living my earlier thoughts. Oh my! She was truly generous to me. Time to reset the DWO counter to zero.

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