Monday, March 3, 2008

End of Poll on "Is fake?"

Thank you all who participated in the poll. The number of participants was not large enough to really do it justice, but it is still somewhat successful. I decided to not renew the poll because of the closing of the blog in question. New viewers, those who had not seen it before it went private, can't make a decision unless they can get in. I tried today, and the blog appears extinct.

Hm. I wonder what that means. Will it come back under a different name and style? I guess the question is moot. Here is what we had as a way of responses:

Is fake?

Yes: 8 (42%)

No : 4 (21%)

Maybe, but I wish I were the man! : 4 (21%)

Maybe, but I wish I were the woman! : 0 (0%)
I am a woman 6 (31%)

Votes so far: 19 Poll closed

It is too bad that the person who ran the blog decided to just bail out. We meant no harm, and we would have gone along with even a good fake, had she(?) decided to continue.

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