Monday, March 10, 2008

How Did Your FLR Begin?

I have been advocating a position which claims that FLRs don’t begin, rather, they are imposed on an already active relationship. I will explain.

Every single submissive man’s dream is to find a woman who will take him as a love slave. If that were to fail, the next best would be to share a life with a woman in an FLR.

Some of you may have been lucky enough to have stumbled onto one or the other. Most of us, and my guess is around 98 percent (to be revised based on the poll that I posted), already had a relationship on which FLR was imposed or assumed. Here is the poll (see the sidebar):

  1. You are male
  2. You are female
  3. Began as FLR
  4. Began as Vanilla
  5. Advocated by male
  6. Advocated by female
  7. Currently in FLR
  8. Not in FLR But wish to be

To participate, You pick 1 or 2 in order to identify your gender. This does not affect the outcome, but gives us a perspective. Next, choose 3 or 4 depending on how your relationship began. Finally, choose 5 or 6 depending on whose idea it was, or who was pursuing it most.

Say, you are a woman, and you have always felt in control. You meet a very nice but shy man with many qualities you like. He obviously needs education in how to serve you. You would choose 2,3,6.

A more common scenario is that you are a man, you married your sweetheart who is the perfect woman you will ever want. Then when the honeymoon is over, you revert to your needs of serving a woman. She is not too keen on the idea, but you are still in the race. In this case you would choose 1,4,5.

And so on. Does anyone care to predict the outcome? They are the following:

  • Most common starting position (FLR or Vanilla)
  • Most common gender advocating the FLR relationship (Male or Female)

My prediction is this:

Most common starting position is Vanilla (about 98%)
Most common gender advocating FLR is Male (about 98%)

Please vote, and prove me wrong. I will keep the poll open for a long time, since the issue here is not timely.

About the last two questions, they are just for fun. If you are in an FLR, or were in one but you are between FLRs, please pick 7 (in addition to having picked some above). You may also pick 8 in addition to 7. Those of you who have never been in an FLR but want to be, please skip 1 through 7, and indicate this by picking 8 only.

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1,4,5......sorry about the lateness of this post.