Monday, March 17, 2008

A Salute to Ms Rika

About Ms Rika

A year or so ago I sent a link to my wife. I guess that MW became interested, for that is when she created my ID for Ms Rika's Site’s “forum”. Subsequent to this, MW was also the creator of my blog so that I can share some of our life with those who are enlightened.

What I find most interesting is what MW said later, “Rika changed my life.”

The meaning of MW’s words need explanation for those who don’t know our background. I have mentioned some of this in my posts, but will summarize it here.

I have had a need to serve women as long as I remember. Earlier in our marriage we talked about it, and from time to time my dear wife agreed to act the part of a strict female. The scenarios were harmless and fun, but unsatisfying for both of us. I did not get what I really wanted, which was to truly serve my lovely wife. She did not feel strict or powerful because it was not her nature. Even in play we just could not get serious about it.

Early View of Female Domination

I ran across an old copy of a magazine, “Assertive Women, March 1998”. Well all right, I bought it way back then. There was not much of quality publication back in those dark ages, and this was a semi-reasonable treatment of man’s addiction to serving women. The so-called “Letters From Readers” to the in-house assertive expert, Alexa, seemed reasonable although contrived. Here is a picture from the magazine.

I don’t think that the magazine exists any more, at least, I could not find any mention of it on the web. Since I no longer frequent porno shops, I can’t say whether or not the magazine is still sold. There is no record of the identity of the photographer, so I could not get permission. Given that, I make an exception of using some other person’s work to illustrate my point.
While I have nothing against anyone liking the scenario in this photo, I find it ridiculous. I find the whole Idea of females doing this very commercial. I think that afterward they go home and take a very long hot shower to distance themselves from the whole idea. They are not being dominant. They are being used. This is totally against FLR.

Back then, MW’s understanding of domination was that she needed the paraphernalia of a stylized dominatrix: rubber, plastic, leather, metal, whip, etc., including humiliation of the man. I, on the other hand, did not need or want much of that. What I really wanted was an emotional and spiritual domination by a woman. That is the kind of domination that one cannot buy from a professional. Sure, I could have my ass whipped, be forced to kiss her boots, be naked while she is dressed. All that may have been sexy and powerful, but truly, it would not have been a long-term solution to my needs. We were both immature in our assessment of this lifestyle.

We evolved over the years, but MW apparently had not seriously accepted the premise that a woman need not be mean, need not perform for her man, and need not go to a lot of trouble to satisfy her man’s fantasy.

And then I ran across Rika’s site, and the rest is history.

Uniquely Rika

I did buy her book, “Uniquely Rika.” I have not read it, because my understanding was that MW would read it first, and then she would say whether or not I should. She is still working on it, and I am next in line if she decides so. I am really looking forward to reading the book, but will go along with her decision. I have posted the title in the sidebar of my blog. It is the only book there that I have not (yet) read. But I trust Rika enough to do this.

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