Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Do I Submit To Women?

Actually, as much as I would love to do so, my wife would not permit it.

Why do I submit to MW? Let me count the reasons.

All my life, as far back as I can remember, I was in control of myself. Sure, there was my mother, and my father, but much of the time I was on my own. There was no frigging babysitter, ever.

As I grew up, I took on more responsibility. I would love to go to details, but I need to remain anonymous, so I’ll skip some of the juicy but revealing situations. Nevertheless, I seldom had the luxury of relaxing, and have someone else be in charge. Later, raising a family, getting college degrees, and working to make a living, left no time or opportunity for giving up control. I am sure that MW had a hard time with me then. I apologize for that, but when one sleeps three hours a night for months, one must control closely. Missing a traffic signal could have cost me an hour’s worth of sleep.

At that time I knew that I needed to give up control from time to time, but between MW and me we could not manage that somehow. It was not until I began to relax a bit that we figured out that my giving up total control could be a good thing. Well, it has not happened to the full extent. As I pointed out many times before, “Being in charge carries a responsibility, and most people don’t want it.” Yes, some don’t mind being in charge from time to time, but screw the responsibility part! That’s a chore.

We have arrived at a compromise. She is in charge whenever she decides, and I shut up and put up. At any time I am in charge of the things that she does not want to deal with. When the dust settles, I pick it up. If she does not like my handling it, she whips my ass. It is a working arrangement. I get to deal with the wilderness around us, she gets to tell me what to do. The only thing missing is my frequent orgasms. Note that I said, missing. She is not into gratifying me often, or at any time, for that matter, unless it thrills her. This is when I could use a few slave girls, or even a spare mistress. Alas, MW would not go along with that either.

So, I still want to submit to women, and in my position, to this particular woman. It temporarily relives me of my responsibilities. It also offers memories to savor when I am under stress in real life.

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subservient-husband said...

What, your dominant wife doesn't allow a harem for use as you see fit? Why not? LOL!!!!!!!!!


I am on the opposite end of the spectrum then you. I am the youngest of four and always had someone else in control. I think my contentment in my submissive role to my wife is due to some innate bio-chemistry which I do not fully understand. I know when she exerts her authority over me, I feel peace akin to an endorphin release. I do not think this is due to upbringing, but I honestly do not know. I just know it is my reality.