Monday, September 14, 2009


Those of us who are still alive go through continual evolution. It is a way of life.

Among other blogs I used to frequent those whose theme was cuckolding and hot wives. Those people knew how to have fun when the fun went out of their lives being just themselves.

I am also a believer of escalation. It has to do with human nature. One human cannot remain satisfied with status quo. We insist on enlarging the scenario, increasing the intensity, prolonging the duration, and taking on more challenges. You know what I mean. Yesterday you have suffered twenty strokes of the crop on your butt, tomorrow you will want twenty-four, or maybe the use of the cane. Yesterday you were happy with vanilla sex; tomorrow you will want cuckolding, threesomes, pegging, etc.

I am alive. I go through the evolution. Within my narrow experience I want escalation too. To what extent, I don’t know, since I have not reached many of my limits. There are many subjects with limits, and I am willing to try.

As for evolution, I no longer visit certain blogs that used to fascinate me. I am not suggesting that I lose interest, or that I want to end up with ultimate experiences. All I am saying is that “It has been fun, and now there are other things that draw my interest.” I still keep up with the various kinks, but not to the extent that I did before. I evolve.

The original theme of my blog was FLR. It still is, but I have extended my horizon. As of this time FLR is essential to my being, it is being practiced, but not the entire focus of my attention. I can now admit that I have other interests also. I have evolved.

This has put me into a broader perspective from which to appreciate (or not) the subjects whose authors still elaborate: FLR, cuckolding, chastity, orgasm denial, D/S, S/M, and a lot of other really fun stuff. I still like to read about them, I would love to practice some or to some extent all of them, just that they don’t drive my life. I could actually make a rational choice given extremely provocative alternatives, and end up with no regrets. Now, that is really saying something!

I have a lot more to say about this, but I need to get back to what the title of this post implies. The noun, bull, has been used in animal husbandry, in hot wives, in cuckolding, even in religion. Maybe in other contexts too, but my focus this time is limited to the use of bull in cuckolding. We all know what a bull is. It is a dumb brute of an animal with a huge penis. Which brings me to the point of this post. Some dominant and kinky females, or in the case of the fake blogs, males with fertile imagination, use or describe the use of human males for their purposes. These “human males” have only one purpose: fuck the dominant female, hence the use of the term “bull”.

As far as I can tell from the stories, the husband or male partner is either incapable or unwilling to do the service to or for her, therefore, she resorts to using a bull. Not the animal variety, but the human analogue.

I may be a bit jaundiced but even if I were inadequate in any respect to serve my wife, I would resent dealing with a bull. For my purposes, a bull is unintelligent, and needs to be controlled because of its strength and potential for destruction. So what does wifey want? Does she want a huge cock with sheer muscle behind it, or an instrument of pleasure with intelligence? Ok, I have both, but I must think of the poor schmucks who have neither, or at best, one. They have a problem. Then again, wifey has a problem when she realizes that her decision to marry the schmuck who has neither or only one of the attributes she so highly prizes is no longer adequate for her purposes. Now she wants a bull with a built in pile driver and no brain. Who is in charge there?

I may be going overboard with this, so I will back off. The only problem I have with this is the word used, “bull”. It just does not feel right. From every respect, the noun is wrong in the context. Look up the definition, and you will agree.

I could go with her wanting a “boyfriend, male friend, lover, guy-with-a-huge-cock”, whatever, but bull? A bull is an animal!


m said...

Very interesting. While i don't agree with everything you've touched in in your post, i think you have successfully changed my mind about using the word "Bull" to desrcibe the male sought out by a Woman who wished to cuckold Her submissive partner.

i belong to Ms. Catherine, and both She and i believe that it is Her right (and Her nature) to pursue fulfillment outside our relationship. Whether it is full cuckolding or not, i support Her prerogative to exercise Her prerogative to have whatever She wants. In fact, we have both written about this in our own posts recently.

After reading your post here, and thinking about Ms. Catherine's posts of the last few days, i realize that the concept of a Bull was my own selfish idea of how cuckolding should happen...that a big, strong, fit Man (one superior to me) would fulfill Her in ways i can't. i have a less than average endowment, and what i would describe as quite an unattractive cock. i felt that Ms. Catherine deserves better in that department, so the idea of a Bull was fitting.

However, i now realize She wants and deserves more than just a Bull. She is more than just a little interested in some romance as well, so what She really seeks is a lover...or a boyfriend.

It's not just about the name, but also the concept.

Thank you for drawing my attention to that fact.

- m

Susan's Pet said...

I am glad that you did not take offense. None was intended. In fact, I read your blog, and this posting may have been influenced by that.

I try to put myself in your place, and that is what I meant by "I may be a bit jaundiced but even if I were inadequate in any respect to serve my wife, I would resent dealing with a bull."

I think I understand your position, and in no way do I judge you and your mistress as being wrong or harmful. My problem is really with using the word "bull" for the purpose, as I demonstrated.

Good luck in your relationship, and keep writing.

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

"The original theme of my blog was FLR. It still is, but I have extended my horizon. As of this time FLR is essential to my being, it is being practiced, but not the entire focus of my attention. I can now admit that I have other interests also. I have evolved."

That is a very mature and balanced way of looking at things. Too many people get swept away on the tide of fantasy and become consumed by D/s to the point of obsession. Personally I don't think that is very healthy. Others fail to distance themselves from situations and really consider the ramifications of what they may be getting themselves into. They do not look before they leap and find themselves in the middle of the brier patch.

Like you I want to grow and evolve but I don't want to enter areas or push boundaries that either my Queen or I are uncomfortable with. Cuckholding is certainly one of the areas of D/s I very much doubt we will be exploring. Not to say other folks shouldn't explore it. To each his own I always say. But none for me thanks! ;-)

doll said...

There are bulls and there are bulls, I am certain that a dairy or beef man would agree with me. I'm partial to Black Angus myself and always admire them at the shows.

But back to your comment I tend to agree that a woman of consummate skill and admirable intelligence would not be satisfied with an animal rooting and she certainly wouldn't be doing that just to amuse and tease a submissive male.

Milliscent said...

I agree to a point with your dislike of the word bull, but suppose that it can also be helpful to the women out there who are looking for an outside lover.

I would not want to cuckold my husband with a bull (dominant male), I would want to cuckold him with a submissive male. I can't fathom wanting a strutting and dominant male intimately involved in my life.

Therefore, for women who think as I do, bull could be a handy term in that we would know to avoid those men who self identify as such.