Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Female Ejaculation

This is a favorite topic of a fetish. I am concentrating on the would be cocksucker, the one who wants to get his juices from that most wonderful female part, the place from which we all came.

I am not different. I covet all her juices regardless of the circumstances. All right, I might make some objections due to Sexually Transmitted Diseases, and such. However, if I were pushed, it would be difficult to decide. Vagina is my life’s passion. Therefore, you may see what I am trying to convey. I was borne by it; I have tried to imagine its glory during my early years before I ever saw one. I sensed and to an extent experienced its wonders through sight and scents, and on rare occasions, tactile feels later.

One might say that I have seen, smelled, tasted, and felt all that wonder. Maybe. I am not saying that I have seen it all. Maybe there is female ejaculation. Just that, there is no physiological reason or mechanism to back it up. I am sorry, but this is my report!

Female ejaculation is not like male ejaculation. The male has the physiology to support it. The female has other wonderful parts, but not this one. Whatever you may have seen or be led to believe, there is no such thing. So, please, give up your quest, and get to the reality of it: she has female parts that are even better. She does not ejaculate. She does not squirt the female equivalent of male semen. Nevertheless, when you get to experience what she does, you will no longer care.

If you still need the ejaculate proceeds, I suggest that you get together with a fully functional male, or a couple where the male has already ejaculated into the female. Nice scenario, and realistic. Whereas female ejaculation is not.


Nolens Volens said...

Interesting perspective. :)

Miss AJ said...

I have to disagree. Horrible as I found it there was no denying that the woman I saw that ejaculated certainly did. Being a mother I am completely familiar with urine soaked beds and it most definately wasn't urine.

Since reading that article in the New Scientist I can see that there is a lot of sense in attributing female ejaculation to the female prostate. Given that males and females share a common genesis for their sexual organs I can believe that just as a prostate sits around the urethra of a man that it can also encirle the urethra of a woman but because women have much lower levels of testosterone their prostate is unlikely to ever enlarge under the influence of 5-alpha reductase.

Susan's Pet said...

This is a controversial issue that will take some time to be resolved. I tend to be a skeptic based on my background in reality, science, and the law. As a result, I rely on scientific, logical, or at least, tangible proof of claims.

The anatomy of males having to do with ejaculation of seminal fluid has been demonstrated and proven beyond reasonable doubt. As for female equivalent, even the medical so-called experts don't have a definite proof. It is, to this point in time, based on hope, myth, legend, etc., none of which can be accepted as proof.

I have never seen it happen, but I believe that there is a basis for it, otherwise it would not persist except in the fertile minds of fantasy writers. I keep an open mind until proven one way or the other. Meanwhile, my belief is that there is no such thing.