Monday, September 7, 2009


I have not been watching television for a while because of the shallowness of the already shallow crud they produce. I read a lot in various sources, but Hollywood, fashion, gossip, etc., I don’t frequent. So, I don’t know whether the term, “Supermodel” is still extant. Nevertheless, back then, I was irritated with it enough to turn off or toss whatever medium was promoting it in my face.

I used to admire the women who did fashion modeling some years before that. They were supposed to be extraordinarily beautiful so that women of our lives would have a model to covet and to mimic. Alas, these models have become corrupted over the years. When a so-called supermodel consists of skin and bone with no redeeming qualities otherwise, I draw the line.

I love women without qualification. Yes, there are bad women, but that’s not what I am relating here. I am talking about the charming qualities of women in general. In my own words, “I am versatile” when it comes to the appreciation of women. Tall or short, wide or thin, homely or beautiful, young or old, they all have charms that grab me by my private parts. I could hardly refuse any woman anything. Well, there are exceptions. For example, if she were not clean, I would try to stay away regardless of her distant charm. Other than that, anything goes.

The problem I have is with the assumed charm of females who look like victims of the concentration camps of the Nazi regime during world was two. The real victims were not subject of sexual or fashionable epitome of female charm. Neither are these deluded supermodels that starve themselves to look attractive. It does not work. I know that there are those who covet the skin and bones look. They are welcome to it, but generally they are in a minority.

Women should look the way they feel natural. Thin is OK, if they feel thin; voluptuous is fine if they feel voluptuous. Between the two is great also. In my often-quoted words, “It’s not what you have, but what you do with it.”

So, trying to be a stick figure of the average supermodel may do you harm in more ways that one. Please, dear women, just be yourselves. I so much appreciate that.

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