Sunday, September 20, 2009

Controversial Issues

As I stated in my previous post, none of the material is my opinion, but is based directly on the source. One may dismiss the source for various reasons, and I am sure that many of you will do just that. What I want to point out here is about the first comment to this prior post. In it, the commenter said, “The only thing clear is that these people are ignorantly racist.”

Let’s examine the support for this statement.

304 Million --- Population of the US in 2008
26 Million --- Number of "Black” people in the US over age 18
(Data from the U.S. Census Bureau)

I need to do some interpretation here. Of the 26M blacks, some are not of voting age, some don’t give a damn about voting, others are in jail, ex-con, etc., so let’s cut that by, say 10 percent, which brings it to about 23M. Now, if we assume that all 23M voted for Obama because he is black, it means that they voted against the other guy because the other guy is white. Now, that would be racist! So, I am sure that this was not the case, which means the number of black folks voting for Obama was less than 23M even if you add the votes gathered from cemeteries by ACORN.

Given that the popular votes for Obama were 66.8M, one must assume that those ignorantly racist whites must have also voted for him to account for the remaining 43.8M votes. So, I ask, “Where is the racism in this?”

In a recent article Maureen Dowd wrote on the incident when Rep. Joe Wilson said "You lie" during Obama’s speech. A quote from Dowd,

“Surrounded by middle-aged white guys -- a sepia snapshot of the days when such pols ran Washington like their own men's club -- Joe Wilson yelled 'You lie!' at a president who didn't. But, fair or not, what I heard was an unspoken word in the air: You lie, boy!"

The interesting part of this is, in my distillation of her words, “Wilson didn’t say the word, ‘boy’, but I heard it!” Then she goes on about racism.

Duh. Does anybody see something wrong with this?

All the photos that I published were about issues with which the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators disagree. A few years ago demonstrators objected to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Were they racists? Or were they objecting to an issue?

When people run out of logic, or even better, never had logic or fact behind their argument, they resort to ad hominem arguments: attack the opponent’s character instead. For example, it is now obvious, based on several polls, that Americans don’t want the destruction of the best healthcare system in the world. Yet, those who think they know what is best for us, will call us racist, for they have no real argument any more.


Liane said...

Pardon my intrusion... i stumbled upon your blog and read it and i must say, i find myself in great agreement with what you've said. When logic is no longer a part of anything we do, ignorance has a huge play ground to freely roam without any reasoning, so it seems.. at least that's how I feel about all the racial issues (and some others) but i shouldn't be rambling on a stranger's blog ;-) may you enjoy a fantastic Sunday afternoon... Liane ;-)

Susan's Pet said...

Thank you, Liane. You are not intruding, this is public domain with me as the peacekeeper.

Robert said...

Very well done and well presented!

subservient-husband said...

I like the premises that racism is all but dead in the united states. From my view, Obama rode a wave of our generation wanting to end the racism discourse in our society once and for all, saying, we did not start this mess, but we will end it now!!!

The underling politics were by in large, irrelevant, IMHO.

Now we have to manage with a leader at the helm of the largest company (the federal government) who is intending some rather unorthodox approaches to providing services.


Susan's Pet said...


I apologize for not posting your last two comments. I prefer to take this "off line". If you care to continue this conversation, please send me your email address to

m said...

no worries...i thought my reply might be a bit over the top for your blog. After all, we came here to write about our kinky sides. Further, I think we may satisfied with our respective opinions on the matter. I welcome further correspondence but don't feel it is necessary. Thanks again for your blog.

- m

Milliscent said...


I imagine that, like me, you will catch some flack for posting about political issues, but I am glad that you are doing so.

Speaking out is our best opportunity to make a difference, no matter what we may believe.


whatevershesays said...

It's impossible to know how much racism plays in the the current hatred of President Obama. But even for the right wing, the amount and level of vicious attacks, from the "birthers" on up has hit new high (low) in American Politics.

It would be nieve to think that racism didn't play some part. (And lets not forget that Wilson wanted to keep the conferate flag flying over the S.C. statehouse)