Friday, September 11, 2009

Servitude With Pain

I used to clean the Mistress bathroom once a week, but lately I have become slack about my responsibilities. But then, once in a while, MW reminds me in no uncertain terms. For the next few days I have bruises on my ass.
They have mostly faded by now. Today was my chore to clean the Mistress bathroom. That involves removing furniture, and other things that are sitting on horizontal surfaces. Then the real cleaning follows by vacuum cleaning the floor, scrubbing the toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, and the floor. You might think “So what?” Well, this bathroom is big and has lots of stuff in it to clean. That’s what. I do this in my natural state. When she shows up and decides to whip my ass, I must drop everything to accommodate her whim. When she is done, my ass hurts, and I go back to work. Somehow it seems right.

She had me in a CB2000 for some time, but I had to go out, so she removed the device. Of course, it would be silly of me to assume that I was free. She ordered me to install Kali’s teeth. This insidious but seemingly innocuous piece of plastic is more evil than the benign CBXXXX devices. Generally it hurts like hell when I sit in my car with tight pants on. After some experimentation, she no longer required me to wear it while I was on duty. We decided that if I were to end up in a hospital or under the care of medics, some judge would make an issue of my wearing such device while trying to be professional. So I no longer do that. Still, if I go out just to do our private business, the evil little plastic teeth are doing their thing. Once in a while when I just sit down behind the wheel of my truck I have to reach between my belt and my skin and adjust things. If anyone watches, he will, of course, think that I am playing with myself.

I have said before that Kali’s teeth is an evil device. The worst part is when during the night I wake to extreme pain due to the hardness of my cock pressing against the rows of sharp teeth (sometimes I wish that I could get it up to that extent on a whim when I am not sleeping). Of course, at this point further sleep is out of question. So, regardless of what time of the night it is, I get out of bed and go do something. By the time the little guy reverts to its flaccid form the pain is mostly gone, but then I can no longer hope to sleep, so I stay up.

Last evening she told me to wake her if I have this problem. I forgot, so when I got up due to the pain I stayed up for a while. I got sleepy, so I decided to go back to bed anyway. After a couple of hours of half-sleep I had another painful erection, so I woke her. She was so amused by it that she insisted on photographing it. Well, after my attention was swayed from the problem, the pain subsided, and so did the erection. But she managed to catch it in mid-flaccidity.

I usually experience a problem after long-term wearing of any chastity device so far. It results in swollen foreskin condition.

MW is kind enough to have me remove all devices with the exception of the PA ring, of course. You can see the impression the Kali’s teeth make. What is not obvious is that after the swelling goes away, there will be a pattern of pinprick like punctures encircling the little guy, each prick marking the place of one of Kali’s teeth.

It takes the little guy a couple of days or so to return to normal. The tiny punctures are healed, and then the fun begins again.


Anonymous said...

That is a nasty looking bruise, MW must be very vicious when punishing you - and those teeth look brilliantly painful as well.

Susan's Pet said...

She seldom does that much damage. Also, it hurts only while she is applying those strokes. Once she stops, I feel no pain. You hear of people saying, "You won't be able to sit for a week," or such. I can sit without any pain immediately afterward.

The teeth, they hurt only when I am under the influence of this little plastic band. After it is off, I feel no pain.

In both cases I am happy to have endured her personal attention, as long as she was enjoying it.

ctredford said...

How does the compare to the ring you wear?

Her Majesty's Plaything said...

Wow! MW is pretty rough on you so why am I envious? I have had those purple bruises in the past after a play date and they are lots of fun to watch as they slowly fade and change colors. Not as often these days though. My butt has become resistant to markings it seems. My former Prodomme called my condition; "hidden leather ass".

I have to clean the bathroom today too. As much as I would love it if Her Majesty whipped my ass while I did my chores that never happens partly because we have our son at home. Also beatings are something I must request and patiently wait for. They are something my Queen gives to me out of the kindness of her heart because she knows I need them.

I am happy today though because I made it through the first five days of our contract and today I have permission to orgasm, no doubt while she queens me from above. It's the simple pleasures that make life worth living.

Susan's Pet said...

CT, please clarify your question.

Susan's Pet said...


She usually does this to me when she either has a cause, or makes up one. I never ask her to do it any more. She would consider it topping from the bottom (a made up excuse) and really let me have it. Generally she just does it for fun, and that is what I prefer. When I am guilty, it does not feel half as good.

As for your simple pleasures, you are right. Nothing is perfect, but some things we experience are close enough.

subservient-husband said...

Just FYI, sleep deprivation is not an uncommon form of developing submissive obedience. Sounds like the teeth are helpful to her goals.


Milliscent said...


Thank you for posting the pictures, I love the look of a well toyed with gent, and adore the one of you with the mop bucket!


doll said...

Damn I am so envious of MW, I just hate cleaning the bathroom. Do you think I could make that a requirement on an internet dating site? Finding a subby husband becomes more and more alluring. ;-)

Susan's Pet said...

Sweet Doll,

I am absolutely certain that you could find such person.