Thursday, September 24, 2009

Half Naked Thursday Sep 09

Many bloggers repeatedly titillate us with their muscular or curvaceous bodies simply because it happens to be Thursday. Although I have posted photograpsh of some very private parts, This will be my first attempt to participate in what we call HNT.

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present for your enjoyment, part of the context in which my earlier explicit photographs were posted.

First my magnificent back. Please note that, as far as you can see, all the marks left by MW’s love taps have mostly disappeared. She was shocked to realize that this morning, and promised to correct the condition.

Next is my equally provoking front. The scratches that you see on my right side are not a result of rough love. I earned them while pruning a particularly thorny tree in my front yard.
See a piece of the branches here.

In the summer I usually wear slip-on shoes and short shorts when outside and around the house. You can tell by my lily white buns, whereas everything else is dark. The thorns had easy access to my skin from shoulder to toes dressed the way i am.

Actually, the real reason for my doing this HNT bit now is because, if I wait, that little pudginess around my waist will become even more embarrassing. I do work out six days a week, but still I am putting on some girth that was never there before. Some unenlightened people tell me that there are many calories in beer and wine. What do they know? I might try this again in a year if I am still around. Then we will see whether they are right. Maybe.

I suppose that I could have posted some of my earlier pictures, but that would be dishonest under the circumstances. I hope you see why I had to work fast. I did not even ask MW to take my pictures. I just set up the camera on a tripod, and took three shots on a timer. These are the best two out of three. The view of the branch was an afterthought.


smjimmat1956 said...

Hi just voted your polls; i am presently in a loving vanilla relationship. Do i wish She was into this Yes, She's not and that won't change. i am aware that i may become a widower for the second time in my life: hope not.
If i however i do i would seek out the possibility of a FLR. There are questions in my mind about FLR That is the primary reason i am online and associating.
About your post; i am a big guy nearly 300 5'10 definitely not in shape. That is one thing i hope to change in the nxt 12-15 months.
Your muscularity is great! A little gut is OK as far i am a concerned If you enjoy a beer or wine from time to time, there are physical benefits.

Susan's Pet said...


My friend, you have my sympathy. I hope all turns out well for you and your wife. If she is ailing, this would be a tremendous opportunity for you to experience the rewards of unselfish servitude. Your wife might not respond in the way you would like with respect to FLR, but she would relish your love and kindness. Have you discussed any of this with her? If the worst happens, your servitude will do a good deed, remain a good memory, and give you experience and a resume for later.

You can learn a lot from blogs, but you need to be vigilant, for many are embellished, or at worst, figments of a man’s imagination. I don’t tell all of my secrets for obvious reasons, but I try to be factual. However, I am only one case out of potentially millions, so I am not really a representative of FLR to a large extent. Good luck to you.

smjimmat1956 said...

Thanks for the sympathy . My first wife died 15 years ago. My present is going through a health challenge not life threatning. But even if She isn't into this it dosn't change whi i am.
She does have a strong personality and that is one of many things that i love about Her.
A Few Mistress Friends told me the same thing basically and i agree. i understand what You mean about fantasy.
I also associate on Yahoo sites and other Fem Supremacy groups.

MJ's Slave said...

This was a very revealing post. Thank you for sharing. I am somewhat surprised your Mistress allowed you to do least without her permission.

I do not think I would allow such freedom if I were she.


Susan's Pet said...


I agree. The situation is that my wife has not been keeping track of my posts on this blog lately. It used to be that she had to approve everything that I post. At some point we deviated from that.

I may still be in deep doo-doo if she decides that I have been taking literary liberties.