Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ripe for Fantasy

Yeah, I'm ripe!

It has been some time since MW took her enjoyment at my expense. The problem is that I have the imagination, and she has the control. So, unless the two meet, not a hell of a lot happens along these lines. Today was different. Yes, she does that from time to time. Also, I promise to have some pictures of her. It is just that things are not exactly right to do so at the moment ...

She planned to go shopping. That meant leaving me alone for a few hours. Normally that is not an issue [for abnormal situations see my November 3 2007 posting about the "free fall "episode]. She does not even need to leave me in CB bondage since I am honorable when it comes to stuff like that. Even if I were not, if she were to squeeze my balls I would confess, then I would be open to whatever punishment she decides. Anyway, what I am about to write is based on reality, only not all having happened at the same time and exactly the same way. It is not entirely fantasy, just a wistful re-living of good old times, and wishing for a reprise. Because it is a reconstruction of stuff and not exactly The truth, most of the truth, and nothing but the truth,” I will call it fantasy. You may draw your own conclusion. For my own purpose I know that I will suffer the consequences since MW will take this as “topping from the bottom.” Still, I will continue because my creative juices need to come – so to speak.

The So-called Fantasy Itself

Before getting ready to leave she summoned me via the signaling device. I found her in the bedroom after receiving several jolts. It appears that she did not care whether I was just slow or it took time to find her. I dropped to my knees and kissed the top of her feet, the only parts which were exposed.

“Install the CB2000, including the Points of Intrigue,” she ordered.

I scurried to where the device was kept and fumbled for a few minutes while I
did what she wanted. She then told me,

“Make the PA ring accessible from the outside of the cage.”

I did so using a piece of hooked wire. The ring protruded between the bars of the plastic cage as if asking to be used. She connected a quick snap device to the ring. The other end of the snap was attached to a dog leash which she in turn attached to a hook in the closet. I had no choice but to follow and stand at the point of connection. She applied her makeup, dressed, etc. You know how long women take to look different than the way they are in order to look beautiful in their own perception. When she was done she returned to me and unhooked the leash. Tugging gently on my very personal connection I followed her downstairs into my exercise room. Once there she pulled a pair of real handcuffs out of her hip pocket, and applied them to my wrists. She made sure that they were double-locked so that they don’t tighten when or if I struggle with them.

She picked up a small weight that is part of an adjustable weight dumbell. I don’t know the actual weight, but would guess it to be about a pound. Using a plastic tie she attached it to the ring that is closest to the boys in the CB2000. She made a point of dropping the weight whose effect I immediately noticed. The pain caused an erection which caused instant pain via the Points of Intrigue (POI).

Since the leash was no longer needed, she unclipped it, and added a small weight to replace it. The small weight was some device that I happened to have as part of my weight equipment. It was not heavy, but it did begin to pull on the PA ring with authoritative force.

Next she used a disposable plastic tie to attach the handcuffs to the top of the Smith Machine. This one was personalized. I could figure out its purpose right away. In order for me to change anything I would need to be free of the Smith Machine so that I could use my handcuffed hands. In order to be free of the Smith Machine, I would need to break the personalized tie, so that she would know about it.

I was standing with my arms loosely above me securely attached to the machine. I was not in too much discomfort, but the weight on the tip of my cock through the PA piercing was beginning to be noticeable. The other weight that was attached to my balls was less bothersome for the moment, but the cage’s construction began to create a pinching effect that was no longer fun. The good part was that my erection was history, so I no longer needed to deal with the pain caused by the POI.

She kindly turned on the television set, and dialed one of those insipid old shows that did not impress me when they were made about thirty years ago. She gave me a drink of water out of a bottle. After fingering herself as I watched she kissed me on the lips, then smeared her personal juice on my lips. That was to leave a long-lasting impression on me. She left as she threw over her shoulders the note, “I may be back in a couple of hours.”

After a minute I heard her car leaving. I stood with relative comfort and her scent on my face. I judged the time using the half-hour intervals that commercial TV stations use to change programs. I estimated that I had been standing within my pains for about one hour and some minutes. My options were limited: (1) I could slouch and take the strain and pain on my wrists which would relieve only the pain on my back, (2) Try an succeed to break the plastic tie so that I can relieve all of my pains, or (3) I could stand and bear whatever pain I was accumulating due to my devices and position.

Option 1 was at most a temporary fix for my position. Yes it would relieve my back pain a bit, but add more around my wrists, then I would have to switch again. Option 2 was possible if I tried: my 165-pound mess of skin and stuff would help in breaking the device and allow me to relieve the other pains. But then I would have to answer to her, and I knew that the pain at that point would be greater than whatever I am bearing now or will be accumulating due to the current devices and position. Option 3 seemed the only logical alternative for the moment, so I chose to go with it. For another hour or so I continued to make the same choice.

I heard a vehicle arriving outside. I hoped that it was not our son or his SO. I don’t know who would have been more embarrassed in either case. I heard doors opening and closing in the house. About a half hour later MW came through the door. She was dressed only in a pair of tight jeans. It did not take long for the POI to kick in and give me some pain again. The view of her "girls" always does it to me, and her being clothed except topless is a thing that turns me on. After she attached clamps to my tits the pain was no longer localized to the little guy: it spread itself between tits and cock, but in a way I began to love it. She plied me with another drink of water, and the slick slipperiness of her fingers which she pulled out from between her hidden lips. The pain of my little guy increased, somewhat offset by the numbness in my tits which no longer remained in the forefront of pain management. For the moment.

She casually added another small weigh to the chain that was attached to both clips on my tits. The weight was just enough to avoid pulling off the clips, but heavy enough to increase my pain which in turn increased my other pain. She is good at this.

She asked me, “Do you wish to be set free now, or stay for another undetermined time but be assured of getting an orgasm?”

It took me a short time to realize that the word “undetermined” indicated that this was a trick question. I immediately replied, “I wish to be set free now, Mistress.”

Without a word she pulled a knife from her boot, and cut the personalized plastic tie that was keeping me attached to the Smith Machine.

“You are free. But for now, we’ll keep the weights where they are. Follow me.”

I could tell that my pains were not about to be relieved. I followed with the weights swinging at different frequencies so that I could not adjust to minimize the pain. But, hey, this was personal attention from MW to me. I would be a fool to complain. As we walked up the stairs, I heard the penetrating music of Carlos Santana with his “Black Magic Woman."

The words were barely discernible, yet they got through. Music does things to me. I was about to loose it. But no, I had to keep it for MW. It is for her to control.


Anonymous said...


You are so lucky to have a loving MW to serve. You are obviously a very well loved pet.

Susan's Pet said...


So I am told by MW.