Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Wonderful Morning

A Very Pleasant Morning

I know that I have said it before, "I am up early." Well, this morning I lay in bed thinking that I should be up and doing my thing as usual. I was comfortable on my back under the warm covers. I thought, “Do I really want to get out of bed into a cold room, walk down to the exercise room and freeze my thingies off? And then lift weights?” As you may have guessed, I stayed in bed.

I am such a slouch! It was not until after five that I actually allowed my skinny ass to slide over the edge and walk into the hall. I grabbed the signaling device and my pants (in case our son or significant other were to come up the stairs).

The morning just did not go well. I guess my feeling of overwhelming guilt over not "working-out" did not help. Yes, I am planning to work out later. Sheesh! What a pathetic excuse!

Around six I thought that I felt a twinge under my private parts. Déjà vu. I walked into the bedroom way on the other side of the house. MW was on her back on the huge bed at a right angle to the edge. Naturally I dropped to my knees and kissed and licked all around my center of being. I asked then, “Did you summon me?” The answer was “no”. I guess that I am becoming more attuned to her feelings.

Right. I don’t believe it either. It was a coincidence. I turned on the house heater and made coffee. Negotiating the space among the felines we settled in bed to sip the brew and watch the sunrise. Great time of the day.

After I gave up on my coffee I sidled down next to one of her most delectable thighs (she has two). I ran my tongue on the outside while my hand caressed the soft and warm inside of one, then the other. After a while I lost track of which was “one or the other”. Her aroma wafted over the side into my eager oral receptors. I was willing to plunge in and take all that she had to offer. But, knowing that she needs more encouragement before I do such, I controlled my urges. I gently pulled her pubic hair here and there, and occasionally squeezed her lips in a deep kiss using only my fingers. I did slip a finger in a sly fashion knowing that If I am quick, I am less likely to be tossed onto my ass. This went on for a while until she announced that we should start the day.

Hm. My day was already going, so how could I start again? But, she is the leader, so I went along. After my unsuccessful attempt at drilling through the mattress I left the bed and went after our daily business. I carried her scent on my face for a while. Not that I would wash it off. It just goes away on its own accord. The day is full of possibilities.

Other Real Life

Later in the morning MW left a Christmas card on my desk. It was addressed to an American soldier somewhere in "FPO" land. I wrote a note expressing my appreciation of his committment, and that if he needs anything to please let us know.

I was in the Army way back, and the only mail I recevied then were from my parents (appreciated) and from my former girlfriend who said that unless I say otherwise she will marry her second cousin with whom we double dated at some time prior to my departure to the Far East.

Ok, I was in for three years, and had some exciting times. I did get some joy out of cigars, an occasional bottle of rice whiskey, and the times when I could sleep with some feeling of safety. Oh shit, don't take this as bitching. I did have a good time after considering what all could have happened. Here I am with most of my original parts still somewhat functional. My hat off to our soldiers of today. They are every bit as good as we were ... way back then.

Later in the morning she squeezed my guys and I tried to hold back an unmanly response. You know, the kind that gets into "ouch" and shit like that. I mean, we should be more stoic and controlled than that. Well, I need to work on that part. After she let go, and I took a bit of time to collect my ability to respond, then I asked,

"My Sweet, what can I do for you?

"Your little guys are getting prickly," she said.

I took that as a suggestion to shave my balls. I did. I aim to please, and pleasing her is my prime directive.

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I found you by your comments left on my boys lj.

I have added this link to my 'favourites' and intend to check in often on your progress.

best of luck!

the sitter