Monday, December 17, 2007

"Oh, the Holidays"

I very much dislike that phrase mostly because it has been usurped by commercial intents.

I like the holidays. I like Halloween, Christmas, New Years' Eve. I abhor the friggin' gift-coveting commercial aspects. If we never watched television again, I think that we could get over this problem. Shit. I don't watch television. I dislike all the commercial crap, laugh-track, trivial sitcoms, etc. Don't get me started!

Sorry about that meltdown. I do really despise the crap that is portrayed as entertainment on television. Ok, it will not happen again. I am done with it. Maybe.

It is late in the day after that great morning which I related to you earlier. I am wearing only my birthday suit and the signaling device. I have had a couple of summons from MW with the appropriate reboot as in computer parlance. Let me tell you, if I were to hold a glass of wine, which I often do, the summons via the signaling device would do bad things to wine and glass. The signal is not hurtful. But it is momentarily penetrating. It is up to me to find wherever she is in the house (damn, it is a big house!) and see what I can do for her. I hate it, but also love it. She has such control over me when it comes to this.

She is really getting into the Christmas spirit. She is using some native remnant of vegetation as part of decoration. I don’t want to detail it for the reason that it would give away our presence and reveal our identity (Shocking, that it would be.) That sweet woman was decorating the living room with her memorabilia of children, friends, pets, etc.

The afternoon sun hit the many windows on the south side of the room. The room was warm, and she became hot. Not hot as in sexual, but in temperature. Ok, she was friggin' hot as in sexual also. Give me a break! I am trying to deal with a beautiful woman here while still maintaining some semblance of sanity. But that was not the purpose in my attempt to describe the scenario.

Sheesh, I am not sure where this is heading. So she removed her shirt. That left her with bras which I so willingly and helpfully began to dismantle for her as you can see.

One thing leading to another out popped one of her cherished private possessions. She was obviously aroused to an extent which I very much admired.

I had to negotiate the camera and my being at the same time. That was very difficult. Seeing her beauty devastates me. I can just melt into a puddle and be totally useless. I don’t know how I managed to eventually turn off the camera. You may thank me for sharing her beauty with you.

In the background I hear the music "Summer Time" playing. This has been a truly beautiful day.

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