Friday, December 21, 2007

Back to Reality

I posted something yesterday afternoon part of which was partly fantasy. If I had waited a few hours I would not have had to resort to it.

We retired to the bedroom for showers and a relaxing evening to watch a movie. I waited outside the shower for MW to finish, then dried her with a huge towel. After that I showered, shaved, and joined her in the bedroom. I gave her the usual evening leg and foot massage as we talked about some of the day’s events. At some point, and I don’t remember exactly what we were doing, she told me to get “into position”. Under the circumstances this meant a sort of “69” position, except that there was no mention or expectation of her doing anything for me other than allow me to serve her orally. That being my favorite sex, I happily took up the position facing the center of my being.

It was a little strange that she would skip the usual foreplay which always includes my massaging all of her beautiful parts, running my fingernails over her skin, and kissing and nipping any part of her that she allows until she becomes ready. She did not say, but my guess was that she spent some time watching some adult video and was ready even before I showed up.

This time she had even more surprises. She is not very willing to tell me what she wants. She assumes that I can read her mind about her changes of arousal and that I will do the right thing. About the most explicit that she gets is to suggest for me to use my fingers in addition to my tongue. I suppose that if I could use my cock instead of my much shorter finger it would be all right with her. As much as I would like to satisfy her that way it is not physically possible for me as long as my tongue is the major instrument of her pleasure, so she settles for well lubricated fingers with very closely trimmed nails.

This time she told me before we started that she will tap me on the shoulder when she wants more intensity. Well, that too, was new. I began gently and slowly parting her lips with my tongue. It took about a minute to work up to her little button of joy. She was moist and ready as I applied my technique that had worked so well over the years. Being in a kneeling position and leaning on my elbow I was not putting any weight on her. That is when I felt a slippery hand being wrapped around my cock. This too, was new. The feeling was intense and I had to slow down a bit to compose myself. That is one of the reasons why she almost never does that, knowing that it distracts me from the purpose. She tapped me on the shoulder so I picked up the pace while inserting my middle finger to help. She stopped playing with my cock as she came hard and pushed my head away. The orgasm shook her entire body and lasted several seconds as I waited a few inches away for her to pull me back. When it was over she pulled me back to continue. She took only a few seconds to reach another, and allowed me to continue for several seconds before she was done with me.

This was my cue to leave her alone with the “girls” in case they decided to continue without me. I walked into the bathroom and waited for her to call or join me when she was finished.

She walked in looking a little unsteady. We hugged and I went back to bed. When she returned she sent me for a cold wet washcloth which she put over her forehead. She admitted that when she herself induces the pleasure it sometimes causes an intense headache. I guess this is a plausible reason why we don’t do this more often: she thinks that she must pay for the pleasure through pain. If only I could have the pain instead!

After her headache abated the rest of the evening was pleasant and comfortable. I did not get mine off, but under the circumstances I had no wish to mention it. She already gave me a greater gift than my own orgasm. I am not being noble or super-submissive as I admit that. What I feel is her great trust in me, openness about her needs, and reliance on me as her lover to do this very personal service. It gives me joy to have this power in me that she can use at her pleasure. Yes, it also caters to my need to serve her and fits very well with our FLR.

The picture, taken at a different time, is a partial view of her from my “position”. I hope that you see why I think that this is a wonderful occupation for me.


helpmate hubby said...

Nice hope you will be posting more pics!

Susan's Pet said...


I am always willing to take more pictures and publish them. Alas, I am subject to her censorship, and she is willing to do only so much. I will try.