Monday, December 31, 2007

Adding another DWO Monitor

MW is a bit sensitive about [not] receiving credit where credit is due. For example, my DWO monitor needed to be reset to zero today. I usually don't do that unless there is a posting that I do prior, in order to explain how the DWO was reset to zero. You just have to be there!

As usual, she is right, and I suffer. Regardless, I have reset the counter to zero, and will report on the details later.

We will show:

  • Maximum Ever: this is a ratchet that will hold the highest number of DWO ever.
  • Last Time : DWO prior to reset.
  • As Of : DWO since date of reset.

Under "Maximum ever" we will report only since we started counting, in this case just a few days ago. "Reset" refers to actually having an orgasm at which time the counters are reset to zero or a new value.

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