Monday, June 14, 2010

Shopping With MW

I think that her hormones have kicked in again lately. Not that anything significant in the orgasmic sense has happened, but then, there are other things appreciated. I may have mentioned that she installed the CB2000. On me, that is! Yesterday she expressed an interest in acquiring some sexy underwear. No, not for me. I am best when I am in my uniform, which is minimal so to speak. You know, nothing on my skin but a ring or two or maybe the CB…

She had me drive her to one of the fine stores in the area. She remembered my yearning to see her in brilliant colors of enhancement aside from her lovely freckles and red hair. See Brilliant Colors. You know, underwear where the emphasis is not really on “under” but “outer”. After all, who would know the color of underwear but the one who put it on. Whereas, if it is really “outerwear” as we sometimes practice, well, then it does more than just contain some of the beautiful parts of a woman. It enhances one’s appreciation.

I stopped in front of the store’s door to allow MW exit the vehicle in style, after which I parked our car and walked back to the store. I had the understanding that she would wait for me inside the air conditioned space and then she would go look at merchandise and I would look at the female shoppers. I am still na├»ve when it comes to her. I took about a quarter hour to find her. But I had a good time looking at the female customers during my quest. The older I get the more latitude I have for the enjoyment of the female charm: there is more to appreciate. I eventually found my dear MW and we went on to find colorful enhancement to her beauty. I carried her choices like any other appreciative male would with my arms full and eyes still wandering over the local fauna. Then she wanted shoes.

I know that some guys are weird when it comes to women and shoes. I never could figure out the reason. On the other hand, (or maybe the other foot) I am a total slave when it comes to woman’s feet and shoes.

Did I say that I like women’s feet? In case I did not, I will say it now. She began looking at some totally non-functional but damned sexy sandals. After a while I sat down to wait for her to settle on her choices. Meanwhile I was on my knees on and off as she tried several of her potential purchases. I made some comments that I knew other shoppers nearby overheard. I like to play with people’s minds. In the famous words of Bill Murray in one of the Ghost Busters movies he said, “… Egan, you’re scaring the straights …” I was not exactly kissing her feet, but close to it. There is something about women, feet, and shoes …

My little guy was in a bad way inside his cage all this time, but at least I did not embarrass us by a blatant erection on account of the erection was contained in a plastic cage and not too obvious. We picked up a few more items on the way out. I carried a full armful of beautiful female enhancements and then paid at the end. I mean, with money, not the other stuff.

Hours later, in the night, we shared skin as we often do. It means full body contact. It is not blatant sex as one might imagine (not that I would refuse). It is appreciation of tactile and olfactory gifts by her to me. Oh yes, her taste also gets to be part of the joy. We each dozed off from time to time, and then came back to enjoy the goods. Nobody orgasmed, but it was good.


dave94 said...

like UR concept of shared skin. Many guys focus on the fetish aspects (such as the CBT) but the relationship, in the long run, is more important.
Little things like taking her shopping 4 shoes does matter, IMO.

J A. said...

I love women's feet too. And of course, true servitude to her means kissing her feet, etc, if that's what she wants.

The thing is about attractive women - they have attractive feet too. The beauty runs from head to toe.